Yahoo! News Redesign

The news aggregator Yahoo!News has undergone a rather extensive revamp sometime in the last few hours. It looks quite interesting, with images and other information appearing upon mouseover of the story links.

The Introducing the New Yahoo! News page has quite a bit of information on the changes and is taking feedback. Among the new features:

Compare Sources Side-by-Side

Yahoo! News has added unique news tabs that allow you to see the top headlines and best content from some of our more than 100 sources, right on our home page. Just click the tabs atop each category.

Get News From the Sources You Want

Add your favorite news providers to the My Sources tab. If you’ve already added sources to My Yahoo!, they’ll automatically show up here as well.

Right now, I still prefer GoogleNews–and not just because OTB is a contributor. Google features far more stories and updates the main page much more frequently. Yahoo does seem to uncover some interesting stories, though, that Google misses.

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  1. I like Google News for getting a broad range of stories and sources and their news search function is peerless.

    In terms of browsing up to date news, however, I have always found Yahoo preferable, and the new layout appears even better–ther tabbed browsing by topic is quite nice.