Yglesias Award?

Andrew Sullivan awards the aptly named Yglesias Award to Brad DeLong‘s courageous slap-down of James Wolcott.

    Wolcott: “Compared to [George W.] Bush, [Clinton] looks like a competent, responsible, functioning adult.”

    DeLong: “I think Wolcott pushes things to far: I certainly wouldn’t call Clinton a ‘competent, responsible, functioning adult.’ In policy matters, yes. In personal matters… If Clinton comes within a hundred yards of my daughter, I’m getting out the shotgun.”

The are some minor problems with this.

First off, saying that Clinton was a lout is hardly apostasy. Second, he gets off the shot by intentionally (?) misreading Wolcott’s statement. It’s rather clear Wolcott is saying that Clinton is anything but those things but that–by comparison with George Bush–he LOOKS that way. (I disagree, but that’s beside the point.)

So, DeLong earns an “alienating the base” award for agreeing with a hard Left member of the base?

I emailed Sullivan on this issue yesterday afternoon but had not heard back at press time.

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  1. skep says:


  2. G A PHILLIPS says:

    Mr. Sullivan should read your blog more often.I have been blogging around a bit and i think you have some of the most skilled slapperdowners that have ever typed upon the Internet.Mr.Delong has typed but a gentle caress compared to some the full hand print leavers that you have sharing on your noble site.

  3. nfn fnke says:

    I emailed Sullivan on this issue yesterday afternoon but had not heard back at press time.

    Blogs don’t have a “press time!”