Yushchenko Calls for Blockade of Government

Yushchenko Calls for Blockade of Government (Wired News-Reuters)

Opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko, winner of Ukraine’s re-run of a rigged presidential election, on Tuesday called on his supporters to block a cabinet meeting on Wednesday to be led by the man he defeated. Yushchenko was addressing a crowd of tens of thousands in Kiev’s Independence Square after election officials released preliminary results showing he had won the bitterly fought election.

His opponent, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich, has refused to concede defeat and remained in office despite being dismissed by parliament. A top European human rights watchdog urged him to accept the verdict of Sunday’s poll. “On behalf of this meeting, let me officially declare there will be no meeting of the government, this illegal government,” Yushchenko told the chanting crowd. “There should not be any meeting tomorrow in the building. An honest government should take over there … Dear friends, I ask you to strengthen a blockade of the government building tomorrow from early in the morning.”

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This is getting ridiculous. It’s almost as bad as a Third World country. Or the Washington governor’s race.

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