Zogby Poll: Election 2008 Do-Over

Zogby International conducted a national poll to see how the 2004 election would go if it were held today. While support for President Bush has declined, he still leads:

Zogby poll Election 2008 Do-Over

hat tip/graphic from National Journal’s Hotline ($).

Of course, the 2004 election is not being held today, there has not been a campaign since last November, opinion isn’t the same as turnout, and we don’t elect presidents by popular vote but rather by an Electoral College.

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James Joyner
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  1. Gee, you’re such a spoilsport wanting to look at things in context and such.

    You’ll never make it in the pundit business doing that!

  2. Anderson says:

    I hear Clinton would beat Bush handily, whatever that means.

  3. LJD says:

    Former President Clinton, or the one who wears the pants? I didn’t think G.W. could run again in either case, and neither could Slick Willy.
    I can’t wait until 2008 when the Democrat fantasy is broken wide open…

  4. Whatdyaknow says:

    The poll asked “1011 likely American voters” and 2% said they did not vote? 98% of likely voters voted? So this poll indicates people would have elected Bush again, and there was actually the highest voter turnout in history in 2004 but we didn’t even know it.

    That is highly suspect.

  5. Maggie says:

    OMG, it’s a Zogby! You can’t take a Zogby to mean anything!