Chris Christie A Definite No For Presidential Run, Reports Say

It looks like another round of Christie for President speculation has, unsurprisingly, been for naught:

Chris Christie say he has finally made a definitive decision, once and for all, not to run for president in 2012, sources close to the New Jersey governor told Fox News on Tuesday.

Despite the intensity that has heightened in recent days as the New Jersey governor prepares to deliver a speech Tuesday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, several people sources close to the governor insist he has not changed his mind to forego a presidential bid.

Christie is on tour, attending seven fundraisers in three states, which has fueled speculation that he could be preparing for a 2012 bid. And some people near the governor have been trying very hard — however futilely, it would appear — to convince him to get in the race, especially after last week’s debate GOP showed the field is still open.

Christie is speaking tonight at the Reagan Library in California — the topic is “American Exceptionalism” — but it’s unclear if he’ll make a public statement before then or say anything about this during his speech. Nonetheless, this isn’t at all surprising.


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  1. Hey Norm says:

    PALIN ’12!!!

  2. WR says:

    Maybe they can get Pat Paulson to run again…

  3. Hey Norm says:

    @ WR….
    They do seem a bit desperate don’t they?