Do Delaware Republicans Want To Win Joe Biden’s Senate Seat ?

Ultimately, that is the question that the voters of The First State will have to ask themselves next Tuesday, and, in that regard, they’ll probably want to take note of this new poll:

Support for Republican Congressman Mike Castle falls just short of 50% for the third month in a row, but he continues to hold a double-digit lead over Democrat Chris Coons in Delaware’s U.S. Senate race.

The latest Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Voters shows Castle earning 48% of the vote, while Coons gets 37% support. Six percent (6%) prefer some other candidate, and nine percent (9%) remain undecided.

The race is little changed from early last month, when Castle held a 49% to 37% edge over Coons, a country executive who has never sought statewide office. July was the first time in Rasmussen Reports surveying of the race this year that support for Castle dipped below the 50% mark.

Prior to July, Castle earned between 53% and 56% support, while Coons’ support fell in a 27% to 32% range.

Coons leads conservative activist Christine O’Donnell, who is challenging Castle for the GOP Senate nomination in a primary next Tuesday, by a 47% to 36% margin. Given that matchup, eight percent (8%) prefer another candidate, while nine percent (9%) are undecided.

Last month, Coons held a similar 46% to 36% lead over O’Donnell after the candidates were virtually tied in July.

Castle captures 71% of the GOP vote, while O’Donnell earns 63% support among voters in her own party. While Coons is backed by 70% of Democrats against O’Donnell, he earns the vote from just 55% of Democratic voters when matched against Castle. Voters not affiliated with either major party prefer Castle over Coons but favor the Democrat if O’Donnell is his opponent.

You’ve got the information, proceed accordingly.

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    Typo in the title….

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  3. Westcliff says:

    Local news in Delaware is reporting that Palin formally endorsed O’Donnell during Hannity’s radio show today.  Will be curious to see how the endorsement affects the primary — is there enough time for money to make a difference, will Palin’s OK drive more O’Donnell-leaning Republicans to the polls?  Going to be an interesting few days in the First State.