Jon Stewart On The Never-Ending Quest For “Energy Independence”

Last night Jon Stewart did an amusing, and spot-on, piece about the history of Presidential promises of “energy independence:”

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An Energy-Independent Future
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It’s completely true, of course. You could substitute Nixon’s rhetoric about foreign oil in 1974 for Obama’s on Tuesday night, or vice versa, and the message would essentially be the same. If history is any guide, this latest quest for freedom from fossil fuels is likely to end exactly the same way all the others did.

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  1. john personna says:

    We have a predictable response to higher fuel prices, but then an ability to think any stable price is “normal.” We are all comfortable now with $3/gal. Kind of amazing.

    (A co-worker just bought a used H2 Hummer. I’m not sure he did the math, to know that he just signed up for $5K in fuel expenses each year on that car alone (he and his wife have 2). I mean, I suppose $5K a year is fine for something you love, but I don’t love gasoline that much.)

  2. Good stuff.

  3. James Joyner says:

    Stewart, much moreso than Colbert, has really made the transition to Obama very well. The first few months, he mostly made fun of Republicans who were criticizing Obama. But he’s become one of the president’s harshest critics in recent months.

  4. It is a cliche, but he really is a national treasure, isn’t he?

  5. Vilhelm says:

    Gee… maybe if Obama could get the banks to LEND MONEY, you might see small businesses actually try to invent something new.

  6. Banks are not going to lend money in this economic climate and Obama has no right to force them to