Michigan Woman Puts Child For Sale On eBay

It looks like this may have been a joke that got out of hand:

ALLENDALE TOWNSHIP — A 20-year-old woman accepted a $1,000 eBay bid to sell her 2-year-old cousin, police said, describing the girl as someone who “can clean and hold a decent conversation.”

Ottawa County sheriff’s detectives tracked down the woman using a telephone number and name provided by the buyer. That person called police after securing the bid.

“The potential buyer made a bid in an attempt to have the posting taken off the site,” sheriff’s Lt. Mark Bennett said.

Police will ask prosecutors to look at charges against the Allendale Township woman, possibly for trying to obtain money through false pretenses. They do not believe she intended to sell the child.

The eBay ad, titled “Kid For Sale,” was posted Monday with the description: “an adorable child for sale can clean and hold a decent conversation very lovable but i just out grew her <3.”

Detectives have interviewed the suspect, who had been watching the child for about a week while the 23-year-old mother was out of state.

Bennett said the suspect told detectives that the ad “was kind of a joke and that she was just messing around and wasn’t serious.”

The police are not amused.

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  1. tom p says:

    The police are not amused