Previewing The Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Arguments

On April 28th, the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in the four cases challenging state law bans on same-sex marriage. As we get closer to that date, there are likely to be many preview pieces about what is obviously the most important case the Court will hear this term.

Over at SCOTUSBlog, Lyle Denniston started it out last week with a series of articles summarizing the arguments made by the various parties to the litigation.

First up, there’s a summary of the arguments made in the briefs filed by the Plaintiffs seeking to overturn the bans.

Second, Denniston summarizes the arguments by Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee in defense of their laws.

Denniston’s third post deals with the arguments raised in the amicus curiae briefs filed by third parties arguing on the side of the Plaintiffs.

And, the final post summarizes the amicus briefs filed by third parties in support of the states.


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    Thanks for the links, Doug. Much appreciated.