Report: Donald Trump “Looking Into” Independent Candidacy For POTUS

You didn’t actually think that Donald Trump meant it when he announced last week that he was stepping away from running for President to concentrate on Celebrity Apprentice, did you? Good, because then you won’t be surprised by this:

The Daily Caller has learned that despite dropping his name from consideration as a Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump is researching the possibility of running for the White House as an independent.

After the Trump 2012 speculation died down, Trump again raised the specter of a candidacy when he said on “Fox and Friends” that he “can’t rule out anything.”

This will percolate around for a month or three, then it will come back next January, just in time for the new season of, yep, Celebrity Apprentice. And the media, and perhaps even a few of the fools in the GOP who thought Trump was a serious candidate, will fall for it all over again.

H/T: Matt Lewis on Twitter

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  1. MarkedMan says:

    As I understand it, Trump inherited a lot of money from his parents, and of course was set up in business by dear old dad. It would be interesting to have him run just to find out if the great businessman is worth more or less than what daddy gave him.

  2. TG Chicago says:

    the media…will fall for it all over again.

    It’s a good thing this blog won’t do something silly like run posts about Trump on back-to-back days.

  3. LaurenceB says:

    At this point, it seems to me that a Trump independent candidacy would perform a valuable service. By providing a candidate for stupid Americans, Trump pares the voting pool for the actual candidates down to those of us with half a brain. It’s a better-informed electorate by natural selection. And that’s a good thing for all of us.

  4. Bill says:

    Trump is a spoiler to the GOP so Hillary will win.

    He’s corrupt for the Clintons – put down Obama, put down GOP candidates in the primary, then run as an Independent to steal votes from the GOP candidate in the general election – Hillary becomes a shoe-in.
    The press will elate Hillary because they want to ‘make history’ again – first female.

    The real sad part is, enough idiots will vote for him to pull it off, and a good man like Romney, who America really needs right now, will be bypassed.