Romney Outpolls Gingrich Among Independents

A not entirely surprising poll result from ABC News:

Gingrich remains underwater in basic favorability, with more Americans seeing him unfavorably than favorably. Romney gets no better than an even split on this measure; Paul, roughly the same.

Nonetheless, this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates, finds that Romney’s favorability rating has advanced by 13 points among independents since mid-October; 45 percent now see him favorably, 30 percent unfavorably. That’s improved from a more negative 32-36 percent split on Romney among independents a month and a half ago. Romney’s gained ground among very conservative potential GOP voters as well.

Gingrich, for his part, also has gained slightly among independents, up by 7 points in favorability from mid-November, to 36 percent. But more independents continue to view him unfavorably than favorably, essentially unchanged at 43 percent.

Again, not surprising, but it reinforces the point I’ve made here before about Gingrich’s viability in a General Election. Absent some massive change in public opinion when it comes to Gingrich, if he’s the nominee it’s going to be tough for the GOP to beat a President who people still tend to generally like even if they don’t entirely approve of his job performance.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. MBunge says:

    Which is exactly why I want Gingrich to be the nomineee. Not because he’ll be easy for Obama to beat but because the last thing we need right now is people fooling themselves about what a vote for Romney means.

    Kevin Drum just described Newt vs. Romney as “the crazies” vs. the not-crazies” and my reaction is “Why the hell is Romney considered any less crazy than Newt?” Put aside the whole thing that a GOP win of the White House, Newt or Romney, almost certainly means Republican control of the Congress and the validation of everything Republicans have done the last 4 years. Why does anyone think a President Romney, who’s spent the last 5 years turning himself into possibly the emptiest suit in the history of American politics, would be any more moderate or reasonable than a President Newt?


  2. de stijl says:

    I just want a non Greg Stillson nominee.

    When Bachman was the frontrunner I got a bit spooked.

  3. Joanna A says:

    I am so sick of the media hammering at Romneys flip flops and ignoring his past achievments. He did a great job as governor, and turning around the failing Olympic games was no small feat. He’s a brilliant man with high moral standards, unlike Gingrich was brought up on ethic charges, fined 300,00 for it. He cheated on his wife and left her because she had cancer. He is everything I detest in a man and I don’t understand why any woman would vote for that serial cheater.