A Correction

Yesterday I posted about what appeared to be a Herman Cain supporters web site that contained disparaging remarks about one of Cain’s accusers.

It should be clear that the site is not affiliated with the campaign, or any official PAC, although I personally never assumed that it was. It’s also possible the site is a hoax.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. PoliticsOfFear says:

    If you “personally never assumed it was” part of the Cain campaign then why did you act like it did? Oh yeah, I know what you did there.

  2. Look at the original post, I said it came from “a group calling itself Herman Cain PAC” there is no statement linking it to the campaign.

  3. Bilby says:

    Your original post was titled Herman Cain’s Supporters Are Not Helping Him. You then showed the screen shot and finished with “I don’t believe any comment is necessary.”

    If, as you claim in this post, you never assumed it was affiliated with the campaign, then comment was most certainly necessary. That you didn’t feel the need to add more makes it obvious you accepted it at face value.

    I call BS. You fell for the hoax and are now saying you never believed it.