Herman Cain’s Supporters Are Not Helping Him

From a group calling itself Herman Cain PAC.

I don’t believe any comment is necessary.

Update: Please see the update.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. John Peabody says:

    Oh, stick a needle in my eye.

  2. Restless says:

    Yeah, that’ll show her.
    Like Palin, Cain unerringly finds the support of the weirdest/creepiest people in the room.

  3. Eric says:

    She may be ugly, but that horse looks like he’s lookin’ at something…

  4. Janis Gore says:

    I have no use for Cain as a politician, but I would like to see the specific allegations in the settlements. I have no desire to see his character unfairly maligned, either.

  5. Miscreant says:
  6. G.A.Phillips says:
  7. mantis says:


  8. Restless says:

    It’s fake; I retract my statement. Although I intend on giving the Palin and Cain camps a wide birth because gross.

  9. Jim Treacher says:

    Is it real?

    Do you care whether or not it’s real?

  10. WR says:

    @Miscreant: What do you know, when something like this that would really appeal to Kos readers comes out, the Kos diarist checks it out, discovers it’s a fake, and runs a piece pointing out that it’s a fraud.

    When Redstate or Wizbang or Hotair or any of those other rightwing sites runs with a lie, they keep repeating it even after it’s been conclusively proven false.

    Yup, I guess both sides are exactly the same.

  11. PD Shaw says:

    @Jim Treacher: I don’t see what Doug wrote that is incorrect. In any event, I’m sure we can find Cain supporters at your blog saying things that are not helping him: “She’s a ruthless, lying whore.”

  12. Jim Treacher says:

    @PD Shaw: Well, how logical. Political candidates are responsible for everything said by anyone who claims to support them, as long as they’re not Democrats.

    Is that really a Herman Cain PAC site just because it says “Herman Cain PAC”? Is it even worth checking?

  13. Jim Treacher says:

    @WR: Aw, don’t pout. There’ll be another smear any minute.

  14. J Story says:


    In other words, Palin’s and Cain’s detractors have succeeded. No matter that anything said has no relation to the truth, their lies have won you over. Sad to say, but if you represent the bulk of America, then her decline and demise is certain.

  15. bandit says:

    What part of the headline isn’t true?

  16. Jim Treacher says:

    The part where it assumes they’re Herman Cain supporters.

  17. matt b says:

    @PD Shaw:
    On this one I agree with @Jim Treacher — the fact that its been established that this was a prank (or the work of some “vast democratic/liberal conspiracy”) really requires the title and/or post to be updated. … Especially since it’s still linked off the homepage.

  18. Restless says:

    I’ve ruined America.
    Next up: Finland!

  19. PD Shaw says:

    @matt b: It looks to me like they are Herman Cain supporters, the site might be an aggregator though.