Congressional Typologies

Grouping House Members by their voting patterns.

The Two Speakers

MAGA Republicans have owned themselves whilst trying to own the libs.

Johnson Risks Speakership for Foreign Aid

A set of bills would fund Ukraine, Israel, and other bipartisan priorities while ticking of the MAGA crowd.

Republicans Are Again Threatening To Remove Their Speaker

It must be another day that ends in a “Y”

Congress Passes Budget, Averts Government Shutdown

Five months too late, we’re back to the Biden-McCarthy deal.

[Speaker of the House Mike Johnson] [Speaker of the House Mike Johnson]

MTG Files Motion To Vacate The Speakership

Its like déjà vu all over again.

Afghanistan Blame Game

Congressional Republicans are reminding voters of a dark hour in the Biden presidency.

Mitch McConnell’s Legacy

There is no denying that he was consequential.

McConnell to Step Down in November

The longest serving Republican Leader is passing the torch.

Congress Contemplating Counter-Insurrection

A truly insane proposition.

[Top Secret Clip Art] [Top Secret Clip Art]

Congress Spills the Beans on Russian Capability

The White House is doing damage control.

Some Luke Warm Takes On NY3

Yes, every special election is a very special snowflake, but trends do emerge

House Passes Bipartisan Tax Bill

Will wonders never cease?

Why Trump Will Almost Certainly Stay On The Colorado Primary Ballot

A few predictions that are going to disappoint just about everyone.

Senate Approves Back Pay For Delayed Military Promotions

Doing the right thing after doing the wrong thing.

Republicans Start Biden Impeachment Inquiry

A shameful farce.

New York Gerrymander May Be Back

A never-ending saga of politicians choosing their voters.

A Footnote to the McCarthy Resignation

McHenry has no more terms to give to his country.

The Last of the Young Guns

We won’t have Kevin to kick around any more.

Tuberville (Mostly) Ends Military Promotion Hold

400-plus general and flag officer promotions went through almost instantaneously.

George Santos Expelled

The serial fabulist becomes an ignominious footnote.

Kevin McCarthy Likely to Leave Congress

The unworkable Republican caucus is about to get less workable.

Dozens Quitting Congress

Take this job and shove it. I ain’t workin’ here no more.

[Speaker of the House Mike Johnson] [Speaker of the House Mike Johnson]

House Passes Laddered CR with Democratic Support

A second Republican Speaker has reached across the aisle to avert a government shutdown.

Weak Parties With Strong Partisanship

More on an ongoing saga.

Joe Manchin Won’t Seek Re-Election

A likely lost seat for Democrats in 2024.

Government Shutdown Looms With No Deal in Sight

House Republicans still can’t get out of their own way.

Congress and Military Promotions

Why is the Senate pretending to do that which it can’t possibly do?

Dueling House Votes

Politics makes strange bedfellows.

Mike Johnson is Very Religious

His critics are focused on the wrong problem.

[Speaker of the House Mike Johnson] [Speaker of the House Mike Johnson]

Speaker Johnson

We finally have a winner. And we’re all losers.

The Toddler Caucus


[Speaker of the House Mike Johnson] [Speaker of the House Mike Johnson]

Mike Johnson (Who?) for Speaker?

Could the fourth time be the charm?

I Guess the Whip Can’t Count

Emmer drops out.

Jordan Strikes Out

Three increasingly-embarrassing defeats is all you get, apparently.

Mitt Romey with pained look on face as he has dinner with President-Elect Trump. Mitt Romey with pained look on face as he has dinner with President-Elect Trump.

Mitt Romney Confirms What We’ve Suspected For Years!

The rare case where a clickbait headline is actually appropriate.

House GOP Drowning [UPDATED]

In a bathtub?

Two GOPs

A policy-leaning wing and a political-leaning wing make for an unworkable coalition.

Down Goes Jordan! Down Goes Jordan! [Updated]

He’s losing by a bigger margin in Round 2

Will Jim Jordan Bullying Backfire?

Will at least four Republicans have a spine?

Jim Jordan Wrestling His Way to Speaker [Updated]

The crazies are this close to a complete takeover.

House Leadership Crisis Continues [Updated]

Jim Jordan is trying to bully his way into office. It almost certainly won’t work.

Scalise Drops Out of Speaker Race. What Now?

The clown show still lacks a ringmaster.

Steve Scalise Nominated for Humiliation

McCarthy lost it. Turned in his gavel. You, guy, are number 1.

Could Kevin McCarthy’s Replacement be . . . Kevin McCarthy?

One of the worst movies in memory may be getting a sequel.

California Senate Sinkhole

A race a Democrat will definitely win will be the most expensive in US history.

McCarthy Won’t Run For Speaker. Now What?

We won’t have Kevin to kick around anymore.