An Observation or Two on SCOTUS

Well, more than two…

Is Our Problem a Lack of Public Virtue?

Are we betraying the Founders?

Faith In Democracy on the Decline

People around the world are more skeptical about governing institutions.

It’s Not Rage, It’s Resentment?

Rural Americans are misunderstood!

Nope Labels

Who could have seen this coming?

Nebraska Considers Winner-Take-All Electoral Vote

Partisanship and representation in conflict.

Third Parties and Ballot Access for 2024

And back to thoughts on section 3.

Yay! Information Matters!

You can lead a horse to water, but the trick is the drinking.

Putin Wins Again!

He’s on a winning streak not seen since Stalin.

No Labels Continues to Have No Clue

An unserious plan by an unserious group.

Deepfakes and Election Disinformation

A long-predicted threat has emerged.

The Non-Emergent Democratic Majority?

The realignment of America’s political parties wasn’t quite what was hoped.

A Graph to Ponder

A fundamental flaw illustrated.

Headline(s) Reaction

And thoughts on swapping out Biden.

The Impulse to Want a Strong Man

And the intuition that things aren’t really working.

The Absurdity of Iowa

Cold hard facts.

“Just Joking”

Some things shouldn’t be joked about (and they often aren’t jokes anyway).

[Sarasota The Daily Sun front page from 1/5/24 with two headlines: - Proposal would lower gun-buying age and -17 year old opens fire on an Iowa School [Sarasota The Daily Sun front page from 1/5/24 with two headlines: - Proposal would lower gun-buying age and -17 year old opens fire on an Iowa School

Headline juxtaposition of the day

Really not much to add on this one

George Will’s Obtuseness

Normalizing Trump via poor analysis.

The 14th Amendment, Section 3

Trump betrayed his oath. That should disqualify him from office. That’s the whole point of section 3 of the 14th.

Boebert’s District Switch

Lines on the map for the win.

On Handcounts

Ignorance, it turns out, isn’t bliss.

[Voter Fraud Graphic] [Voter Fraud Graphic]

Voter Fraud Again Proves to be Rare

Even when it is focused on.

Thoughts on the US Presidential Primary System

The system isn’t very good.

The Last of the Young Guns

We won’t have Kevin to kick around any more.


A T-Day Illustration.

On the Median Voter

A David Brooks column inspires some thoughts.

What’s ‘Political Dysfunction’?

I know it when I see it.

A Few Thoughts on the Election and Poll Interpretation

And, not surprisingly, about parties.

Counting the Right Votes

White Christian nationalism and the fight for control of America.

Anti-Gay Extremism in Nigeria

Where religious zealotry can lead. (So, yes, a digression into American politics).

On Parties

Because I think it is really important.

An Observation about American Democracy

The ongoing Republican debacle and what it says about representative democracy in the US.

Powell Pleads Guilty in GA

She took a plea deal.

Our Candidate Selection Process Needs Reform

The latest reminder.

Politics as Sport

The game is the game.

SCOTUS Rejects Alabama Legislature’s Districting Plan

Yet again, the Court has told the state that it has to draw lines that accommodate its Black citizens.

Romney’s Indictment of His Party

Calling out a large chunk of the GOP.

A Different Democracy, Indeed

A trip through comparative democratic reform.

(Last) Sunday’s Discussion Question Revisited

Wherein I finally reveal my answer (spoiler: it is hardly surprising). And, also, wherein despite the goal of brevity, I fail at that goal.

Argentine Presidential Elections Start Today

The first of a potential three rounds.

Next Up: Georgia

The next Trump indictment looks like it is coming this week.

Dan Patrick’s Response to the Texas A&M Faculty Suspension Controversy

His column in the Houston Chronicle fails to impress.

Federal Court Declares Portion of Mississippi’s Constitution Unconstitutional

Permanent felon disenfranchisement is unconstitutional.

On Hand-Counting of Ballots

It’s a really bad method

Is Trump Protected Because Of “Political Speech”?

Why “the First Amendment protects Trump” defense doesn’t make sense

National Review Attacks the Indictment

And they make an argument for lawlessness.

Trump Indicted in 1/6 Investigation

Breaking news.