A Depressing Headline

A sign of the times.

Age Limits? (not Term Limits)

It is something we need to think about.

Podcast Recommendation

Matthew Shugart on the Downballot.

Weak Parties (Yet Again)

A clear example from North Carolina.

Republicans and Democratic Backsliding

When winning is the only acceptable outcome.

Finland’s Ordinary Election

A refreshing instance of normal democratic politics amid interesting times.

Universal Voting Rights

DC has radically expanded its electorate.

Another Reason to Dislike the Electoral College

“Red States” and “Blue State”

Weak Parties, Part Gazillion

“The GOP” is not a singular unit.

On the Number of Parties 4: The Oddity of Two, Part 3 (Thinking About Just Two)

A post about thinking in a comparative way.

On the Number of Parties 4: The Oddity of Two, Part 1

A real example of American exceptionalism.

GOP Behavior

Ezra Klein has some thought on the Republican Party.

Primaries and Party Evolution

Open access to party labels has consequences.

Forecasting 2024 Way Too Early

There are at most eight toss-up states for the 2024 Presidential election.

More Alaskan Politics

And thoughts on party systems more generally.

Minority Rule Isn’t a Myth

The will of the majority can prevail even in a skewed system.

Podcast Recommendation

On Spurious Majorities and Other Thoughts on Electoral System Critiques

Because sometimes the comment box is just too small.

Increased Diversity in the 118th Congress

The next Congress will look a bit more like America than did the last.

Alaska Voters Had Real Choices and Made Them

Every vote counted, with refreshing results.

The Centrist Fantasy

Can moderate Republicans take back their party?

Moving Away From Off-Off Year Elections

Localities are consolidating local elections to coincide with national ones. Some don’t like that.

Districting and the 2022 House Results

The lines aren’t everything, but they need more attention than they get.

Not Both Sides

One of these things is not like the other.

Hakeem Jeffries, Fox News, and the Dangers of Sloppy Rhetoric

It would be nice if politicians and cable news outlets were more responsible.

Marginal Differences Magnify Individual Races

We used to (usually) know the results on Election Night because the outcomes were clearer.

Nevada ‘Blue Shift’ Expected to Keep Senate Democratic

Adam Laxalt’s big lead is slowly erodiing.

Republicans Winning House Popular Vote?

A surprising factoid in a bad election for the party.

Republican Losers Conceding, Not Rioting

A low bar has been cleared.

Democratic Ratfucking Worked

Boosting weak candidates in the Republican primaries paid off.

Calcified Democracy

A deep dive into why our politics are so broken.

Pelosi Attack a Turning Point?

What will it take to end the cycle of violence?

Why Not Direct Democracy?

Would bypassing politicians altogether make the system more just?

The Prevailing Myth of American Politics

A bit of a rant, I expect.

Liz Truss Resigns

She is the shortest-tenured Prime Minister in British history.

Democracy and ZIP Codes

The rules for voting in America vary widely.

An Observation on Geography-Based Representation

A thought inspired by the PA Senate race.

Voters Voting Voters Voting

Another Example of Our Flawed Democracy

It would be nice if the legislature represented the voters and whatnot.

Four Seats

31 of the 35 Senate races next month are noncompetititve.

A Basic Theory of Voting Behavior

And a reminder of the role of political parties.

When Autocrats Get Desperate

Autocrats facing defeat have all kinds of counterproductive, dangerous ideas.

Voting Alone is Not Democracy

Putin provides an example for a Politics 101 class.

The Emerging Democratic Majority at 20

How well has the famous thesis fared?

Sarah Palin, Ranked Choice Voting, and the Perils of N=1 Analysis

More details from the Alaska special election.

N=1 Means, Well, Not a Lot

No one should draw conclusions about RCV from the AK special election.