Jon Huntsman To Skip Iowa

Jon Huntsman, the man who seems to be every politicos favorite Republican candidate for President even though he’s at the bottom of every poll, has announced he will not be competing in the Iowa Caucuses:

Jon Huntsman has kicked off his three-day, eleven-stop tour of New Hampshire this weekend to appeal to voters in the state holding the nation’s first primary.

Voters in Iowa, on the other hand, will not be awarded the same face time.

“I’m not competing in Iowa for a reason. I don’t believe in subsidies that prop up corn, soybeans and ethanol,”Huntsman said, according to multiple news sources at the event.

Huntsman, the former ambassador to China, continued, “I think they destroy the global marketplace…. We probably won’t be spending a whole lot of time in Iowa. I guess I understand how the politics work there.”

Of course, as I noted just two weeks ago, opposition to ethanol subsidies isn’t keeping Tim Pawlenty away from the Hawkeye State so, Huntsman reasoning strikes me as more than a little disingenuous. Huntsman isn’t going to win Iowa, that’s why he’s skipping the state, apparently in the belief that he can do well elsewhere (I honestly don’t see it). This is probably the beginning of a long, drawn out process where Huntsman will announce he’s running, campaign for a few months, and then drop out when he realizes he has no chance. Perhaps he’ll show up on someone’s short list for Vice-President, perhaps he’ll run in 2016. In either case, the idea that Huntsman is a player in 2012 is silly.

No word on the reaction from Huntsman’s Iowa supporter.


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  1. superdestroyer says:

    The real pont is that none of the Republicans are a player in 2012. The idea that any Republican is going to win is foolish. The only question for 2016 is whether demographic will have change enough by then to make the Republican Party irrelevant and the media will just admit that the U.S. is a one party state and ignores the Republicans.

  2. Smooth Jazz says:

    “No word on the reaction from Huntsman’s Iowa supporter.”

    I’m not a Huntsman supporter, but what in God’s name has happened to this once moderate blog. James used to run a blog that was fairly even handed though right leaning somewhat. But over the past year, this forum has swung so far to the left you guys have fell into the Pacific Ocean. Almost every single post I read on this blog hits Repubs; It’s as if Dems don’t have any flaws. Meanwhile, female Repub politicians ala Palin, Ayotte, Haley, O’Donnell are dunces and idiots, while nary a bad word is said about wacko Dem women politicians like Wasserman-Schultz, Boxer, etc. It’s like ALL the nutcases are on the Repub side.

    Speaking of which, you will obviously will not agree, but a well known Dem believes Gov Palin can win next year (See below). You may want her to go back to her igloo in Alaska, but be sure to keep some strong medicine nearby if she wins because acute PDS Haters like you will surely need it if she wins. Maybe you can put a post up about Dr Dean’s remarks; I’m sure if some well know Repub was bashing Palin, you and your other Liberal colleagues would have a post up in minds (Yes, I think you are disingenuous in that you only post the negative stuff).

  3. An Interested Party says:

    You may want her to go back to her igloo in Alaska, but be sure to keep some strong medicine nearby if she wins because acute PDS Haters like you will surely need it if she wins.

    You would do well to take some strong medicine yourself, not only for your ODS but also for your delusions about this blog…

  4. James Joyner says:

    @Smooth Jazz: Doug is point out, correctly, that Jon Huntsman would seem to have little appeal within Republican nominating circles generally and in Iowa in particular. That’s not a left-leaning position. Indeed, part of the reason Huntsman isn’t a strong candidate is that he’s considered too moderate.

    Doug himself has criticized Wasserman-Schultz within the last few days.

    And there have been dozens of OTB posts over the years on Barbara Boxer. But the knock on her is that she’s hard left and arrogant, not that she’s stupid or crazy.

  5. Huntsman knows that, for whatever reason, it is better to not compete than to compete and lose. It will be an uphill slog in N.H., but his chances are better there than Iowa.