Saudi Terrorist Killed in Iraq Campaign

Suspected Saudi terrorist reportedly killed in Iraq (CNN)

One of Saudi Arabia’s most-wanted terrorist suspects was killed recently in battle with U.S. troops in Iraq near the Syrian border, according to a statement on an Islamist Web site Thursday. The posting said that Abdullah al-Rashoud “responded to God’s call and rushed toward paradise,” being “martyred” near Qaim. It was signed by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leader of al Qaeda in Iraq. Al-Rashoud, a cleric, was 24th on Saudi Arabia’s list of most-wanted suspected terrorists. If he is dead, then all but two of 26 on the list have been killed or captured, said Gen. Mansour Turki, a Saudi Interior Ministry spokesman.

The development comes after U.S. and Iraqi forces concluded Operation Spear this week in Karabila near Qaim. The offensive was one of two recent operations seeking to destroy havens for insurgents and foreign fighters near the Iraqi-Syrian border in the sprawling, violence-wracked Anbar province.

24 of 26 killed or captured is a pretty good result.

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  1. Lt bell says:

    this is nothing but propaganda ,
    so what if we killed a terroist in Iraq??

    hooray!!! hooray!!!

    Bush won the war!

    where is Osama in Laden??

  2. LJD says:

    Osama may not have the luxury of martyring himself for “the cause”. Likely dying a slow and painful death as he convalesces, hooked up to a dialysis machine…