Beltway Traffic Jam

I’ve been in meetings all day and, in fact, am in one as this magically appears via the magic of preposting. The linkfest is therefore a do-it-yourselfer.

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  1. Point Five says:

    Dean “Out-Crazy” Strategy Stumps Repubs

    Republican leadership is struggling to respond to DNC chair Howard Dean’s aggressive strategy to “out-crazy” Republicans, part of the former Vermont governor’s bid to engineer a Democrat takeover of Congress in 2006….

  2. Petition To Investigate ACLU Shreddergate

    There are but a few reasons to shred documents despite the wishes of your records manager. Either you have done something illegal or you have done something that violates the trust of an organization’s membership.

  3. Breaking News — Identities Lost

    Late breaking news from Citigroup — 3.9 million identities have been lost (including Social Security numbers). Here’s what MSNBC advises you to do if your identity is stolen. Update: Adding this to the Beltway Traffic Jam.


  5. Look what we got

    After blaming the 2000 Presidential election loss on Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Teresa LePore, Democrats both locally and nationwide sought out revenge. Revenge was won and now Palm Beach county taxpayers could well turn up paying for it.

  6. You’ve Got Your Cake, But No Eating!

    Those planning to get cancer in order to smoke legal pot ought to reconsider — SCOTUS had decided Gonzales v. Raich, the medical marijuana case, and it appears the Court has come down cleanly on the side of illegal…

  7. Even Terrorists Can Win Elections

    Despite the celebration of democracy flourishing across the Middle East several months ago, there’s very little mention of these stories on the conservative blogs today. From Reuters: “The Bush administration is showing signs of easing its hard-line …

  8. Preliminary Presidential Poll

    Speculation, and no doubt, preparation, is in progress for the 2008 presidential elections.

    While nobody has formally declared candidacy, this poll lists people who in some form or fashion have shown an interest in idea or others have shown a desire…