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James Joyner
About James Joyner
James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Don Surber says:

    Catholics Need Not Apply, Judge Roberts

    It is called bigotry.

  2. A Friend In Need (Missing Girl)

    This is a photo of Cheryl Ann Magner.

    She has been missing since the beginning of June. She was last seen in Marin County, CA.

  3. From the Silly News desk

    LONDON (Reuters) – A British couple who headed out to sea in a dinghy for an amorous liaison sparked a major rescue operation when their cries of passion were mistaken for someone in trouble, British police said Tuesday

  4. North American Muslims Issue Fatwa Against Terrorism

    The Associated Press reports that North American Muslims issued a fatwa against terrorism: In the fatwa, the 18-member Fiqh Council of North America wrote that people who commit terrorism in the name of Islam were “criminals, not ‘martyrs’:” “Ther…

  5. Democrats march toward filibuster of Roberts.

    It appears the Senate Democrats are heading toward a filibuster of Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts using the same tactic used against UN Ambassador Nominee John Bolton. Democrats have demanded documents the White House has no obligation to produce…

  6. says:

    Trivia Tidbit Of The Day: Part 121 — Globalization.

    Globalization- Robert J. Samuelson, in his “The World Is Still Round” piece (via, explains that economic success is not arbitrary: The United States, Europe and Japan offer an object lesson. All face, generally speaking, the same opport…

  7. Finding the Free Internet

    Internet is expensive. Comcast will give you a promotional rate of $20/month for their High Speed Internet for six months and then jack up the price to an uncomfortable $45/month until the end of time. While $45 isn’t really that much, you want t…

  8. ACLU and Religion: Be Very Concerned

    Photo courtesy of the San Diego Union Tribune
    SAN DIEGO San Diego voters have approved a ballot measure aimed at keeping a 29-foot cross erected to honor Korean War veterans at its location on a city-owned hilltop.
    A judge ruled that the measure nee…

  9. Point Five says:

    Shuttle Tile Installer Defends His Workmanship

    Don Claus, of Claus Tile, came forward today to defend his tile installation as “workmanlike” and “conforming to industry standards”, as images of lost tiles have worried shuttle engineers monitoring the safety of the Space Sh…

  10. Ahmed Ressam – CEO?

    bRight & Early is SupportingFreedom Alliance in Blogathon 2005Please Register and Donate
    The outrage over the 22 year hand slap of Ahmed Ressam for the attempted bombing of LA International Airport has many voices speaking out. But perhaps we ju…

  11. Those Who Forget The Past

    David Broder, who I normally disagree with, has an excellent article in today’s Washington Post about the sad state of history education in America’s schools.

  12. “I Got Your Loyal, Thrifty And Brave Right Here!”: ACLU/Air America Team Up

    The ACLU suffered a major setback recently when the Senate voted 98-0 to allow U.S. military bases to continue hosting Boy Scout events. The ACLU has long been opposed to the Boy Scouts endorsement of what they call the pernicious

  13. Facing Some Flak: Hackett (Guest Cartoon)

    Background behind Mr. Knotdrau’s efforts:
    – Re Hackett’s TV Ad
    NOTE: This post will not accept direct comments, only trackback “comments” (moderated for taste and civility), due to name-calling and intemperate comments …

  14. Spot On!

    Wow an editorial cartoon from the Washington Post that actually makes sense! Actually, there are several that have been posted here in the past, but today Glenn McCoy hits a homerun.

    Unfortunately this is all too true. I have written recently about…

  15. Iraq’s Multi-National Security Transition Command

    I found the website for the Multi-National Security Transition Command of Iraq

    The page takes quite a while to load but is packed with encouraging information about the progress of the Iraqi military and police forces. There is a pdf newsletter availa…

  16. ROFASix says:

    UN visits Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe, my favorite example of what happens when you get a typical democracy, is drowning in misery says the UN. The solution? Give em’ an anchor to swim with! OK, so that’s not exactly what the UN said, but they might as well have. The…

  17. Stop The ACLU BlogBurst July 28, 2005

    First off, the bombers were all killed on the 7th. But several arrests were made in Great Britain and other countries in relation to the attack. Why? Surveillance.

  18. New Blog

    Check out this new blog:
    Tales of Nature Girl

    Bonus points to anyone who comments on that site and this site.

    Double Bonus to anyone who hits here, there and OTB….

  19. Frisk Me, I?m Yours!

    Officer Manhandle?s Favorite Confiscated Terrorist Items!*Hello, civilians!  It?s been about a week since we, your city?s finest, started inspecting subway passengers? carry-on items.  For your safety!  And I, for one, would like to thank

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