John Lemon Constantine, in the comments to the post below, notes this L.A. Times poll showing Bustamante with a big lead over Schwarzenegger:

As the sole major Democrat running to replace Davis — should the incumbent be ousted Oct. 7 — Bustamante enjoys the support of 35% of likely voters, the poll found.

Schwarzenegger received the support of 22%, followed by three fellow Republicans: state Sen. Tom McClintock of Thousand Oaks with 12%, businessman Peter V. Ueberroth with 7% and Bill Simon Jr. — the GOP’s 2002 gubernatorial nominee — with 6%.

Simon abruptly quit the race Saturday, after the poll was completed. He said that “there are too many Republicans” running and expressed concern that his candidacy would undercut GOP efforts to oust Davis and replace the Democrat with one of their own.

One wonders if the Simon support goes to McClintock, making him a more significant spoiler, or if all the other GOP candidates will follow Simon’s lead and make it a two-man race.

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  1. John Lemon says:

    Correction: John Constantine. John Lemon is not nearly that up on the news as of late (although I did see this on CNN whilst at the gym — but the ballgame was on my headset).