Danes Give Soldiers Singing Pillows

The Danish military has given musical pillows to its soldiers in the Balkans.

Danes Design Singing Pillows for Soldiers (AP)

Getting a good night’s sleep in the Balkans can be rough for peacekeepers bunking in a military camp far from home and family for months at a time. Now Danish researchers have come up with an unusual solution — MusiCure, a soft pillow that chirps like a bird and is designed to sing soldiers to sleep in Kosovo, Iraq and other hotspots. With built-in speakers, the white pillows release sounds from nature combined with acoustic instruments such as cellos to provide a serenade designed to help stressed-out minds shed unpleasant thoughts.

Its designers say that if it works, the pillow one day could join rifles, flak jackets and helmets as part of the basic equipment soldiers carry into conflicts.

As ridiculous as this sounds, it makes sense. I tend to find faux nature sounds annoying when I sleep but thousands of people seem to find them therapeutic.

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