Godzilla Crocodile

Paleontologists in South America have found the fossilized remains of a 13 foot crocodile, Dakosaurus andiniensis. What makes this find so interesting is that the crocodile’s head is shaped more in line with dinosaurs (and no, this was not a dinosaurs since no dinosaur ever lived in the water). Here is a nifty artists rendition of “Godzilla” (and no, the pterosaurs in the picture is also not a dinosaur, but a flying reptile). Here is a picture of the actual fossilized skull. The teeth of this crocodile also stand out. Typically a crocodile would have many small teeth. This crocodile had 4″ long teeth there were serated which is more in line with land dwelling dinosaurs.

If you found this interesting, check out Supercroc, a crocodile about 40 feet long.

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  1. Carl Everett says:

    If you found this interesting

    If you found it interesting, you must be Newt Gingrich!

  2. Man! That’s one intelligently designed reptile!

  3. Steve Verdon says:


    [chuckle] I thought about putting in a bit of snark like that, but refrained.