Katrina: Mexican Troops Cross Border for Hurricane Relief

Mexican troops cross into U.S. for hurricane relief (AP)

A Mexican army convoy began crossing into the United States on Thursday to bring aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Carrying water treatment plants and mobile kitchens that can feed 7,000 people daily, the convoy bound for San Antonio is the first Mexican military unit to operate on U.S. soil since 1846. The first green tractor-trailers, with Mexican flags attached to the tops of their cabs, crossed the international bridge at Laredo at about 8:15 a.m. The rest of the 45-vehicle convoy was in a staging area on the U.S. side in about 15 minutes.

The convoy will be escorted by the U.S. Army and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

I must admit that, when I saw the headline, I presumed the Mexican troops were crossing to collect hurricane relief, rather than dispense it. This makes for a nicer story.

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James Joyner
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  1. Jonathan says:

    This is a really really sad headline. Especially since many LA National Guard units are conducting their weekend drill as normal this coming weekend when they could be out helping society and actually earning their $200.00. I for one realize that routine training is necessary, but it looks like these resources that are already in the area, paid for and know the area should be used instead of wasted. Also, has anybody noticed the fleets of brand new Ford vehicles that FEMA has wasted massive amounts of money on?? Did they not have vehicles before this disaster? Could that money have purchased more supplies for victims instead of more comfortable transportation for FEMA, I mean, I don’t even have leather in my Ford Explorer, all of theirs in the Louisiana State University Parking Lot do(apx. 30 vehicles).

  2. DL says:

    Phyllis Shalafly has an article on an economic (secret) plan to take place in 5 years or so, that literally erases our borders with Mexico and Canada. Coming from most any other source, I would dismiss it as conspiracy theory madness, but this lady has been too right, too often!

  3. clint says:

    hmmm…Mexico and water treatment? Haven’t the folks on the gulf coast been through enough?

  4. LJD says:

    Viva La Revolucion!

  5. McGehee says:

    Especially since many LA National Guard units are conducting their weekend drill as normal this coming weekend when they could be out helping society and actually earning their $200.00.

    Meanwhile, reporters on the scene have shifted gears and begun complaining there are too many National Guard troops in New Orleans. Jonathan, if you’re going to base your commentary on media tripe — er, I mean hype — you need to keep up!

  6. Jonathan says:

    hype…..hmm, I live around here so I write about what I see and hear. The news media reports what they think we want to hear to get ratings and so forth. Maybe New Orleans doesn’t need any more people, but I’m sure there’s something that we can be doing other than sitting on our rear ends all weekend and going over training exercises. Maybe we could help out at a displaced persons shelter, or maybe help clear debris from disaster areas other than New Orleans. There’s definitely stuff to do regardless of whether or not somebody on Fox News or CNN or another media whore says that there are too many helpers. Maybe they just aren’t helping in the right places??

  7. Scott says:

    I Think Jonathan is right , we are not really helping,I believe the Mexican troops came in here to feed all those poor families that are suffering right now that have nothing left ,while we are just here judging them for their good actions.

  8. Liz says:

    muchas gracias!

  9. miguel says:

    you have a lot of pride but today people need help and that is what the Mexican army is doing or ask the people being fed what they think, so keep you nationalistic pride for later.

  10. Frog says:

    Congressman Ron Paul, whose district is in Texas, response was, “any Mexican troops here period is illegal and unconstitutional.”

    The very notion that these troops are entering Texas to provide aid directly contradicts the fact that Alex Jones personally visited Austin Convention Center and saw piles of food and clothes lined up for refugees.

    In other areas, aid is desperately required because FEMA has been deliberately sabotaging relief efforts. The LA Times reported today that “scores of police and volunteer firefighters from around the nation, as well as trucks loaded with donated water, were even now being prevented from entering New Orleans while troops conduct house-to-house searches.”

    FEMA has also been cutting communication lines. Sheriffs in several counties of New Orleans have set up armed guard patrols to prevent FEMA from further actions of sabotage.

    FEMA has therefore intentionally created the climate for the justification of foreign troops entering the US.

    Some convoys, according to eyewtinesses, are armed with assault rifles.

    Why do the Mexican troops need guns? What message does that send? If the troops are only going to Dallas and San Antonio, and not New Orleans, then why do they need to be armed?

  11. Daniel says:

    I think you should be grateful that somebody is doing the work that you as concern citizens are not doing; instead of whining and crying , go to the local red cross and do something, at least donate blood ,hopefully like this you’ll feel a little better and I hope you will stop comments so stupids about somebody feeding all this people who already went through so much. be thankful that the Mexican government is sending this help ; if you don’t like it , take the first plane and go to help and see how difficult is an operation like this. I thank God that the majority of people of this great country don’t think like you.


  12. Charles says:

    I am very proud of what the Mexican army is doing to alleviate the pain and hunger for those people that Katrina affected. They are here on a aid mission any they are not armed, as some people think. It is true that constitutionally there is no reason for them to be here but in these times of dire needs, nationalism falls below the priority of helping others. Where is Canada? where is the UK? Aren’t they the so “unconditional” friends to the US. Where are the Minute men? They should be the first in line to provide aid. I’ve seen that Mexicans always rise to the occasion when needed unlike other races that just take the conformity seat and gossip. Just remember that the homes you live in, the roads you drive on, the vegetables you eat; come from these people. Cut’em some slack and think how WE, together will overcome this tragedy.
    “The giant is injured, let’s help him get on his feet again”.

  13. this is a response to clint. unfortunatley you dont seem to see the picture clearly.this country has been offered help by over 50 different countries.even by fidel castro who has 1,100 doctors ready for deployment for help.yes it may be sad for you, that third world countries are giving us aide now.as a proud american who served in the gulf in 91’we should be thankful and show graditude to these other nations who are offering help.something that our goverment is slightly lacking,but yes there is progress.sad truth is that americans like yourself are blind or are ignorant to recognize good things that this world has to offer, but yet you can sit behind your computer and criticize people who are off ther butts and helping.thousands of people of all color have died while you criticize help???????. you should be ashame of yourself. ignorance is no excuse!!!

  14. Frank says:

    Belive me, behind all that are just good intentions.

  15. Walking-Eagle says:

    This entire scenario of Mexico crossing the border and entering the U.S. is unconscionable and terribly frightening!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING!? The country is destroyed from within and now this Junta in Washington has invited “armed” Mexican troops to enter the country? My God. If this site is saying they are armed, why is the press saying they are UNARMED? I understand there is a second country here. The Dutch military is also here. “sigh” God help us. Bush & Company has destroyed the nation completely. The Black People of New Orleans are scattered to the 4 winds and are called refugees meaning that they are “stripped” of their American citizenship and property and sent far far away. One race of people. No one else was treated like that. Who is Bush? What is Bush? Since taking (stealing) office he has killed thousands of Americans at home and abroad and have killed over 100,000 people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Two countries that he invaded. Now he talks about a possible nuclear strike threat more and more. I believe the next “disaster” will be another Bush special and he will nuke an American city, killing god knows how many people. God help us! God help us. God help our children who have no future.