McCain Wants Boxing Commission

Speaker, McCain duke it out (The Hill)

Photo: Funny picture of Sen. John McCain from Drudge ReportPersonal grudges between House Republican leaders and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) led to a series of legislative maneuvers in the last days of the session, sources say.

McCain threatened to hold up every piece of legislation in the Senate while House leaders refused to go along with McCain̢۪s pet project of establishing a national boxing commission. The dispute kept the Senate in session past 10 p.m. on its final legislative day, signaling that intraparty squabbles will prevail when Republicans return with a stronger majority next month.

Some Senate aides said lobbying by national boxing figures such as promoter Don King, who has testified before Congress on the issue, explained the intensity of the dispute. But King said he played no role, a sign that differences between McCain and the House were at the heart of the matter. “I have not been actively involved,†King told The Hill. “Categorically untrue. I haven’t done anything. In fact, I love John McCain. I have no opposition to John McCain and what he’s trying to do for boxing — as long as it’s for the betterment of the sport.â€

With an endorsement like that, it’s difficult to doubt McCain’s intentions. And it’s a good thing we have the good Senator around to take care of the most pressing issues of our time, namely the goings on in boxing and baseball.

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  1. My thoughts exactly. The Senator of Sport.

  2. Maggie says:

    Third day in a row that McCain gets front page news coverage….

    Question: Who’s doing more pushing the MSM or McCain ’08?

  3. McGehee says:

    Waitaminit. Sen. John McCain (R-Media), hunting headlines???


  4. Iceman 1955 says:

    This guy is just 1 scream away from being the new Howard Dean. I am sure that the people of Arizona are just thrilled to have their Senator declare himself the Savior of the World. Boxing, Steroids, Campaign Finance Reform are more important to him than social security and imigration reforms. If he decides to throw his hat in the ring in 2008 does he really think this is the resume that will get him elected?

  5. Davod says:

    Doesn’t he have anything better to do.

  6. Sgt Fluffy says:

    That picture of McCain needs to be captioned inan EXTREME way

  7. Roger says:

    To borrow from Howard Stern…John McCain, Senator of All Media.

    Maybe Don King doesn’t oppose McCain’s actions because he believes having a commission won’t change anything?