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Dodd Harris
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Dodd, who used to run a blog named ipse dixit, is an attorney, a veteran of the United States Navy, and a fairly good poker player. He contributed over 650 pieces to OTB between May 2007 and September 2013. Follow him on Twitter @Amuk3.


  1. anjin-san says:

    If we are going to talk about Blondie, lets go back to before they went disco…

    Some of the best music of the mid-70s, and that is saying something.




  2. G.A.Phillips says:

    Man that video of her back then, man she was good eatin, lol.

    And while I’m on my greatest band in the known heavens kick, Ill take this chance and send out a little peace offering to my liberal friends, please listen to this, and also ill keep my typer shut till the elections over.

    Not that I believe in such things but good luck on the race guys and girls, see you all Wednesday morn.

    And check out this song, it might make you feel good about us all, for a min.


  3. anjin-san says:


    The Republican politics and pseudo-metal are turning your brain into tapioca pudding. I recommend a stiff dose of real music:



  4. G.A.Phillips says:

    Once again trying to keep my typer but here maybe you can handle, or understand this peace offering.


  5. anjin-san says:

    GA… I am just jiving you. Lets have one day of peace before the election. That is a good tune, reminds me of Five for Fighting…

  6. G.A.Phillips says:

    Kool bro, and ya they are very talented band.

  7. Ghost of Boojawa says:
  8. Ghost of Boojawa says:
  9. Dodd says:

    I take requests, you know.