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I would highly recommend the following episode of NPR’s Codeswitch:

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Steven L. Taylor
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  1. mattbernius says:

    Code switch in general is fantastic. That particular episode is especially good.

    To hijack this comment section, I also really recommend the John Oliver show on Defund the Police for those who haven’t taken the time to wrap their head around the concept. Even if you don’t think you agree with it wholesale, it’s worth listening to and engaging with as a thought experiment (if nothing beyond that):


  2. Kurtz says:


    That last clip was really powerful. It looked like it affected John even though he had no doubt seen it a few times by then.

  3. JDM says:


    I’ve completely changed my mind about defunding the police. A few days ago, I believed it was an unwise policy. But after seeing the John Oliver video and after viewing a video by Arizona criminal defense attorney, Marc Victor, discussing “Is America a Police State?”, I now believe defunding the police may be necessary.

    Marc’s video is powerful. In 35 minutes, he will most likely change your mind about our Constitution and our “justice system”.