Andrew Sullivan added nearly 500 more $20 plus contributors yesterday, bringing his total over 5,000. His goal is 7,000.

Challenge to Scott Ott, Frank J, or Rip Rowan in addition to other OTB readers: Write an parody post of what Sully would write if he learned that Howell Raines were actually gay.

Update (14:36): Little Miss Attila takes Sully’s side in the Great Fundraising Debate.

Update (15:01): Kathy Kinsley is rather annoyed with Sully.

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  1. Wait… Howell isn’t gay?

  2. Steven says:

    I agree with Little Miss Attila–I don’t see anything wrong with Sully aksing for cash–as it is wholly voluntary. I just remained floored that he is able to generate that kind of revenue in this way.

    And really, like James said in his first post on this topic–what does it actually cost to maintain a blog with that kind of traffic? It is more an issue of curiousity than a judgment on whether he should ask for the cash.

    And for me the funny thing is that I see some of my freelance column writing as helping to pay for the blog, rather than wanting the blog to supplement writing.