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Russians Are Getting A Very Different Version Of The Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Story

Doug Mataconis · 20 Comments
Vladimir Putin Russian Flag

If you live in Russia, you’re getting a different version of the story of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

Clinton Secretary of State

Voters Not Too Impressed With Hillary Clinton’s Time At Foggy Bottom

Doug Mataconis · 28 Comments

A new poll suggests that Hillary Clinton’s record as Secretary of State doesn’t impress voters as much as she might hope.


Despite A Plethora Of World Crises, Americans Oppose Greater Foreign Intervention

Doug Mataconis · 14 Comments

Crisis seems to be brewing all over the world, but the American people aren’t persuaded that it’s necessary for the United States to act.

Quick Takes


Obama To Bar Discrimination Against Gays By Federal Contractors, With No Religious Exemption

Doug Mataconis · 115 Comments

Later today, President Obama will sign an Executive Order barring Federal Contractors from discrimination based on sexual orientation. But that’s not even the most controversial part for some conservatives.


OTB Caption Contest

Rodney Dill · 27 Comments

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

U.S. Israeli Flags

A Partisan Divide Over Israel? Not Really.

Doug Mataconis · 63 Comments

Recent polls notwithstanding, Republicans and Democrats remain largely in lockstep when it comes to U.S. policy toward Israel.

Same Sex Marriage Supreme Court

10th Circuit Strikes Down Oklahoma’s Ban On Same-Sex Marriage

Doug Mataconis

Another step closer to the Supreme Court.

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Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton greets people as she signs copies of her book "Hard Choices" at a Costco store in Arlington, Virginia

OTB Caption Contest Winners

Rodney Dill

The Hard Choices Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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Putin Smirk

Russians Really, Really Like Vladimir Putin, And That Makes Ending The Ukraine Crisis Harder

Doug Mataconis

Vladimir Putin has become immensely popular in Russia again, and its not hard to figure out why.

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Russia Ukraine Flags

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 And The Future Of The Conflict In Ukraine

Doug Mataconis

Yesterday’s events are likely to be a game changer, but how the game plays out depends largely on how Europe reacts.

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Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Ready To Force A Showdown Over Immigration?

Doug Mataconis

The Texas Senator is threatening to block any bill dealing with the border crisis that doesn’t defund the relief President Obama granted to children of illegal immigrants last year.

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Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton Remains The Overwhelming Choice Of Democrats For 2016

Doug Mataconis

If Hillary Clinton is going to have a serious challenge in 2016, the person who will do that has yet to emerge.

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Ukraine Airspace After MH17

Why Were Commercial Jets Flying Over Eastern Ukraine To Begin With?

Doug Mataconis

Basically, the answer is that nobody really thought there was much of a risk that a plane could be shot down.

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Gaza Rockets

Israel Begins Ground Operations In Gaza

Doug Mataconis

The next phase of Israel’s attack on Hamas has begun.

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Todd Akin

Todd Akin Won’t Shut Up About Rape

Doug Mataconis

Todd Akin continues to give Republicans headaches.

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Malyasia Airlines 777

Malaysia Airlines 777 Crashes In Eastern Ukraine, May Have Been Shot Down

Doug Mataconis

Another incident involving a Malaysia Airlines 777, but this one could be far more serious.

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California Not Executing Enough People, Says Federal Judge

James Joyner

The most novel argument yet against capital punishment.

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Scientists: AIDS Could Be Brought Under Control By 2030

Doug Mataconis

Health experts are saying we could basically eliminate AIDS, or at least bring it under control, in fifteen years if we do the right things.

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Time Warner

Rupert Murdoch Rebuffed In Initial Bid To Buy Time Warner, But It’s Not Over Yet

Doug Mataconis

Big news, and potentially a big merger, in the entertainment industry.

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Impeach Obama Signs

Majority Of Republicans Support Obama’s Impeachment

Doug Mataconis

A lot of Republicans dislike the President enough to think that he should be removed from office, but will that make impeachment more likely to happen?

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Six Californias

Six Californias? It May Be On The Ballot In 2016, But It Probably Won’t Happen

Doug Mataconis

A Silicon Valley businessman says he has enough signatures to get it on the ballot, but the plan to break California up into six states is most assuredly going nowhere.

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Getting The State Out of the Wedding Business

James Joyner

Why is the marriage ceremony the government’s concern?

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GOP Rainbow Flag

Could The GOP Nominate A Candidate Who Supports Same-Sex Marriage In 2016?

Doug Mataconis

It seems improbable, but the national landscape on same-sex marriage is changing so quickly that even the Republican Party may find itself changing faster than some might think.

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Thank God For Negative Campaigning

Doug Mataconis

Rather than being a bad thing, negative campaigning is an essential part of our political system.

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Gaza Rockets

Hamas Rejects Egyptian Cease Fire Deal Israel Had Accepted

Doug Mataconis

An effort yesterday to bring about a cease fire in Gaza came to naught when Hamas rejected the proposal.

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Rick Perry Rand Paul

Rand Paul, Rick Perry Spar Over Foreign Policy

Doug Mataconis

Rick Perry and Rand Paul are highlighting what looks to be a coming battle inside the GOP over foreign policy.

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There Is No Such Thing as Europe

James Joyner

The English-speaking and Scandinavian countries are very different.

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Republicans Still Don’t Know How To Communicate With Female Voters

Doug Mataconis

It appears that the GOP still has a problem communicating with women.

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Stressed Out

Paying Attention To Politics? You’re Probably Really Stressed Out

Doug Mataconis

In a new survey, Americans cite politics and the news as the biggest sources of stress in their lives.

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In addition to uncertain healthcare services, economic disadvantages, and finding a place to call home, veterans certainly do not need any more challenges. Unfortunately, the wounds of war can be less obvious than those that we can see. Psychological disorders and sicknesses caused by toxic exposure can be the most damaging aspects of war that veterans bring home. Toxin exposure in particular is of particular concern as previous exposure to asbestos among veterans is causing incidence of the aggressive cancer mesothelioma to rise among former members of the armed services. We must not leave those who risked their lives for our nation in the cold. Our veterans have never questioned the right or wrong of war when it mattered most. They simply did as they were trained. We must now show the same unwavering determination, in all ways we are able, by affording those opportunities to which they are entitled, including financial, medical and emotional support to all veterans.

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