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Hobby Lobby Is Not An Issue That Will Bring Voters To The Polls In November

Doug Mataconis · 1 Comment
Hobby Lobby

Once again, we are reminded that the fact that people feel strongly about an issue does not mean it’s one that will cause them to get out and vote.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton On Eve Of 9/11: I Passed On Killing Bin Laden Because Civilians Would Have Died

Doug Mataconis · 7 Comments

Some words from the past, apparently uttered mere hours before the world changed forever.

Supreme Court Justices

Obamacare Subsidies Court Challenge Headed To Supreme Court

Doug Mataconis · 8 Comments

Another Obamacare case is heading to the Supreme Court, but it’s unclear if they’ll agree to hear it, or when they’d hear it if they did.

Quick Takes


July Jobs Report Not A Home Run, But Still Pretty Good

Doug Mataconis · 18 Comments

While not as big as previous months, the July Jobs Report was still mostly good news.

Gaza Attack 2

72 Hour Gaza Ceasefire Collapses In Less Than Two Hours

Doug Mataconis · 46 Comments

A glimmer of hope in Gaza is quickly snuffed out.

A man crosses the Central Intelligence A

C.I.A. Admits Spying On Senate, Senate Finally Outraged About Surveillance

Doug Mataconis · 52 Comments

The C.I.A. has admitted spying on Senate investigators.

Capitol Dome

House Drops Border Bill, Tells President They Are Suing For Acting Alone To Act Alone

Doug Mataconis

Once again, the Tea Party has gotten the best of House GOP Leadership.

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House Border Bill In Doubt In Face of Tea Party Opposition

Doug Mataconis

The usual suspects are blocking any action at all on the border crisis.

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Fed Chairman Bernanke Semi-Annual Monetary Policy Report To Senate Committee

Elizabeth Warren’s Own Donors Say They Wouldn’t Support Her For President

Doug Mataconis

Notwithstanding the hype, there’s one very big reason why the idea of Elizabeth Warren as a viable candidate for President doesn’t make much sense.

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Scottish Independence Referendum A Nailbiter

Chris Lawrence

Scottish independence may be more likely than many think.

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Border of US And Mexico

Obama To Take New Executive Action On Immigration?

Doug Mataconis

According to some reports, President Obama may be about to make an end run around Congressional inaction on immigration reform.

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Benjamin Netanyahu

Despite International Pressure, Israeli Public Supports Netanyahu On The War In Gaza

Doug Mataconis

The Israeli public if overwhelmingly behind the war in Gaza, and that means it will probably continue for awhile.

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Russia Ukraine Flags

New Sanctions Announced Against Russia, But It’s Unclear Russia Will Care

Doug Mataconis

The U.S. and Europe have announced a new round of sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis, but it’s not clear that the Russians will be motivated to change course.

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Bob McDonnell Maureen McDonnell

Bob McDonnell Trial Opens On A Pathetic And Sordid Note

Doug Mataconis

The trial of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife opened yesterday, and it sounded more like a soap opera than a legal proceeding.

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Obama Impeachment Protest

Republicans Dismiss Impeachment As A Democratic Ploy, But May Still Face A Dilemma

Doug Mataconis

Republicans are dismissing talk of impeachment as a Democratic fundraising ploy, but it may be they are protesting just a bit too much.

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Federal Court Of Appeals Rejects New Constitutional Challenge To Obamacare

Doug Mataconis

A Federal Appeals Court has rejected a challenge to Obamacare based on a somewhat obscure provision of the Constitution.

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US Army Lt General Flynn testifies before House Intelligence Committee in Washington

US No Safer Than on 9/11 Says DIA Chief

James Joyner

LTG Michael Flynn says the United States is no safer after 13 years of war

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Majority Of Americans Say Children Who Have Crossed The Border Should Be Treated As Refugees

Doug Mataconis

The American people don’t want to turn those migrant children from Central America away after all.

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Dont Tread On Me Rainbow Flag

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Virginia’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Doug Mataconis

Another Circuit Court of Appeals has weighed in on the marriage equality debate.

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Gender Gap Politics

Hobby Lobby Could Be Creating New Gender Gap Problems For Republicans

Doug Mataconis

The Hobby Lobby decision could end up motivating women voters to turn out to vote against Republicans in the fall.

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Federal Judge Strikes Down D.C. Law Barring Carrying Handguns In Public

Doug Mataconis

In a logical extension of the Supreme Court’s decision in D.C. v. Heller, a Federal Judge has struck down D.C.’s law barring people from carrying handguns in public.

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Obama Thinking

The Failures Of Obama’s Leadership

Doug Mataconis

Fairly or not, the President has created the impression that he is not a good leader, and there’s not much he can do about it at this point.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un provides field guidance during his visit to the Wonsan Shoe Factory

OTB Caption Contest

Rodney Dill

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

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Ukraine Russia European Union Flags

Ukraine Is A Test For Europe. Does It Have The Will To Even Make The Effort To Pass?

Doug Mataconis

What the West does in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine is largely up to Europe, not the United States.

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Marijuana Plant

The New York Times Endorses Marijuana Legalization

Doug Mataconis

The Grey Lady sees the light on a major part of the War On Drugs.

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In addition to uncertain healthcare services, economic disadvantages, and finding a place to call home, veterans certainly do not need any more challenges. Unfortunately, the wounds of war can be less obvious than those that we can see. Psychological disorders and sicknesses caused by toxic exposure can be the most damaging aspects of war that veterans bring home. Toxin exposure in particular is of particular concern as previous exposure to asbestos among veterans is causing incidence of the aggressive cancer mesothelioma to rise among former members of the armed services. We must not leave those who risked their lives for our nation in the cold. Our veterans have never questioned the right or wrong of war when it mattered most. They simply did as they were trained. We must now show the same unwavering determination, in all ways we are able, by affording those opportunities to which they are entitled, including financial, medical and emotional support to all veterans.

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