Apollo 11 Live TV Coverage with Walter Cronkite

Now this is pretty cool:  The folks at Kottke.org are bringing Walter Cronkite’s live, real-time coverage of the Apollo XI moon landing as originally broadcast starting at 4:10 Eastern.

Just leave this page open in your browser and at the appointed times (schedule is below), the broadcast will begin (no manual page refresh necessary).

Moon landing broacast start: 4:10:30 pm EDT on July 20
Moon landing shown: 4:17:40 pm EDT
Moon landing broacast end: 4:20:15 pm EDT
Moon walk broadcast start: 10:51:27 pm EDT
First step on Moon: 10:56:15 pm EDT
Nixon speaks to the Eagle crew: approx 11:51:30 pm EDT
Moon walk broadcast end: 12:00:30 pm EDT on July 21

Presumably, you can just go directly to YouTube and watch the segments you’re interested in whenever you want.  But watching it unfold over the course of hours in real time (give or take 40 years) is cool idea.

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  1. odograph says:

    I heard Cronkite remembering his coverage on NPR last week. If this is the same bit, he was embarrassed that he said “wow” and was at a loss for words.

  2. Furhead says:

    Did anybody watch this? I meant to but didn’t get a chance. It seemed like a really cool idea.