Beltway Sunday Drive

Kim and I are still in Alabama visiting the folks but will be heading for the airport in a couple of hours. In the meantime, it’s time for the second edition of the Beltway Sunday Drive. It’s like the Traffic Jam except, as Lionel Richie would say, easy like a Sunday morning.

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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Don Surber says:

    The $6 Million Question

    Opening the email this morning, I came across this missive. It was not sent to a bunch of names. And it does not have the feel of a Nigerian oil scam. But it does have a hotmail account. I give it an even chance of being legit.

  2. […] to Outside the Beltway’s Traffic Jam in a shameless attempt at link-whoring and it may even work this time if I’ve gotten the hang of this blogging stuff.   [link] […]


    I’ve written about this before and I’m going to keep writing about it because it bears repeating. If Cindy Sheehan has energized the anti-war movement, if she’s “ignited a prairie fire of sentiment against the war” that&…

  4. Kerfuffles says:

    Bob Hope Zombies

    Since most people have never seen the film from so long ago, here is a clip of the late, great Bob Hope inquiring about Zombies, of all things. Imagine, this was even before the Zombie Jamboree that took place in a New York cemetery when I was a tee…

  5. Copperheads

    Recently, I was reminded of the post that I had made about “copperheads” almost two years ago at my AOL blog, Palaver & Blather. It happened recently when I head that a grandchild of a church member was at a county park near here in…

  6. says:

    Careful with that hatchet, Griffin

    Thursday night KWTV in Oklahoma City ran a piece about homeschooled children in Oklahoma, which Sean Gleeson compares unfavorably to Orwell’s “Two-Minute Hate”. After looking at the transcript, I suspect…

  7. Katrina will rocket gas prices sky high

  8. Brown Hound says:

    Fantasy Football

  9. Steyn Looks at Iraq’s Constitution

    To quote the WHO, “I?ll tip my hat to the new constitution.” The draft version anyhow.
    Mark Steyn takes a look at what it entails in his Sun Times column today, taking apart the notion that, “As the deadline approaches, we read that the whole mag…

  10. Dadmanly says:

    Profiles: The LT

    We have a Lieutenant (LT) who serves as our Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) Executive Officer (XO) – don’t you just love the way we military types make everything an acronym? And our LT is a character.

  11. JACK ARMY says:

    JACK ARMY’s Partisan Muster

    Bloggers: Trackback your best post for the past week, or to a new one. Please don’t trackback or just link in the comments to someone else’s blog. I want to hear what YOU have to say! Make sure there is a link to this post on your post.

  12. Filipinas coming of age(At what price?)

    If you have read my blog on a regular basis, you know my wife is a Filipina who immigrated to the US from the Philippines after our marriage 16 years ago.

  13. Libertarians And Emergencies

    The Mayor of New Orleans has ordered the immediate, mandatory evacuation of the City of New Orleans. Given the size, speed, and projected path of Hurricane Katrina, evacuation is an entirely reasonable, rational thing to do. The question, though, is th…

  14. angelweave says:

    Chore Games: Plant or Weed?

    Ok – everyone can try this game. It’ll add some spice to the mundane. Rules: Let flowerbed go unweeded for an extended period of time. For example, 6 weeks. The game actually commences when your spouse pulls the “big weeds.” (We had one threatening …

  15. Walking on broken glass

    What I woke up to this morning: The officer that responded said that mine was the fifth car with a broken rear window in recent days in the neighborhood; like in the other cases, nothing was taken from the car. So now my car looks like one of those mid…

  16. Sunday Funnies

    image from

    Some fun and funny links from around the blogosphere in the past week.

    The Conservative UAW GuyCarnival Of Comedy

    Point Five reports on Pat Robertson’s apology for praying to the wrong Jesus. He also has the Fir…

  17. NIF says:

    Winds of Fate

    Today’s dose of NIF – News, Interesting & Funny … Slow start Monday, after a no-blogation weekend