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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. What the Left Thinks is Humor – Soldier Satire

    If you have any kind of high blood pressure condition I would caution you from reading this sick and demented characterization of an American Soldier.

  2. Police extract stolen mobile from woman’s posterior

    The was the headline from the

    Petronela Brandus, 24, has become the latest “body cavity phone blagger” to have her collar felt after police stopped the suspected thief as she got off a bus in Iasi. Passengers had apparently seen the…

  3. Local Government Pleased To Lose More Of Its Employment Base

    Owen at Boots and Sabers covers the story of a yeast manufacturing plant’s closing in Milwaukee’s formerly industrial Menomonie Valley. The closure will cause the loss of 80 jobs, but the headline of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel focuses its headlin…

  4. Random Stock Pick: The Moose Likes Copper.

    I’m just making a wild guess here but Phelps Dodge or just about any other copper mining stock might not be a bad buy considering all the home rewiring, new home construction, and transmission line repair coming up due to Katrina and Rita. I …

  5. Don Surber says:

    WaPo Finds A Veteran “Novice” Protester

    Ah it sounds so innocent. The headline in the Washington Post read:
    Antiwar Rally Will Be a First for Many
    How sweet. Reporter Petula Dvorak even went and interviewed by telephone a sweet little old lady from Olathe, Kansas.

  6. Dadmanly says:

    Profile: Supply Sergeants

    My troops rag on my Supply Sergeants about hand receipts. “They make us sign for everything,” they complain. Yet when the mission’s urgent, or the Soldier is out some essential piece of equipment, Supply somehow manages to get the right resource to the…

  7. BSG Blogging: Pegasus

    First: curse whomever it was that decided to make us wait until January for the rest of season two.
    Second, some thoughts:

    Cain?s Guilt: There is clearly more to the Pegasus’story than Cain has let on, and I think that whatever those det…

  8. Happy Birthday Justice Marshall

    In today’s Washington Post, George Will notes that most of America has missed the 250th anniversary of the birth of Chief Justice John Marshall, who served as Chief Justice of the United States for 35 years.

  9. Knuckleheads- Why and how I started it

    Any way I just enjoy giving out these awards. I hope my readers enjoy them also.

  10. KGB in India

    While a good deal of the documentation covered the US-Soviet cold war rivalry, the overlooked role of intel agencies were made clear by the Mitrokhin archives. The Mitrokhin Archive: Volume II examines Indira Gandhi’s links to the KGB.

  11. Kentuckian Ron Lewis on Pork

    While checking stuff out with the previous post on the Pork Game, I noticed to my delight that Ron Lewis has weighed in positively on the pork issue. Ron Lewis represent’s the 2nd district of Kentucky’s 6 congressional districts. This

  12. ACLU backing Protesters Asking For Gays, and Girls In The Boyscouts

    Via, World Net Daily
    A coalition of homosexual activists and atheists plan to march on a Boy Scout camp in San Diego next month demanding the organization open its membership and leadership to them.
    The group Scouting For All plans to march and ral…

  13. An Alphabetical Guide To My Russ Vaughn Collection

    An Alphabetical GuideTo My Russ VaughnCollection Updated 2005.09.22