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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Energy Crisis? Not The Kind You Think.

    If you missed my other posts on the the oil shortage that isn’t an oil shortage you might not understand this completely. It might help to read them at some point if things get murky for you here.

    The current energy crisis is not a shortage …

  2. Review: Serenity

    Last night I went to watch Serenity with Misty and our buddy John McEnroe. For a science fiction flick there was definitely a feel of a lot of fans of the television series Firefly present, but I have not seen…

  3. Don Surber says:

    Looter Speaks

    Sen. Mary “Looter” Landrieu, D-Looterland, gave a hysterical response to the Washington Post’s very logicaland well-reasoned editorial on Wednesday, “Louisiana Looters.”

  4. Don Surber says:

    James Joyner, you help us and we’re grateful.

  5. Cao's Blog says:

    Sunday Open Trackbacks

    Friday’s open post cycled off so I thought I’d do another today.

    I have inline trackbacks now, so you can trackback and it will SHOW UP without opening the comments section! It’ll be published right out in the open! Voila!
    GO F…

  6. Hey Lady anyone ever say you need a shave?

    A most interesting way for a Taliban commander to hide especially considering the way they treat women.

  7. Point Five says:

    Anti-Terrorism Device: Prototype 13B

    “Feminine Allure”
    Prototype 13B
    From The Imperial Advanced Projects Agency
    By Special Commission Of The Evil Emperor Mindstation

  8. Dadmanly says:

    LTG Petraeus at Princeton

    TigerHawk reports a very important and illuminating speech given by Lieutenant General (LTG) David Petraeus at Princeton University, “A Soldier’s Reflections on Iraq.”

  9. Abu Ghraib in Perspective

    A Federal Judge has ordered more Abu Ghriab photos be released. The government objected stating they would further damage our image in the world. The government should release them along with Islamic terrorist’s committing atrocities against our peop…

  10. Double Standard Watch: Bennett vs. Rangel – major news outlets silent on Rangel’s hate speech

    Incidentally, Rangel’s remarks cannot be written off as the rantings of one lone nut – the DNC refused to condemn his remarks. Race-baiting bile is now mainstream in the Democratic party, and non-news in America’s largest newspapers.

  11. More On D.C.’s Biohazard Detection

    A reader commented on “D.C. Biohazard Sensors Triggered:” I know of at least 2 dozen people who were at the protest who are now sick with respiratory illnesses. In fact- I haven’t talked to a person yet who was there

  12. Kerfuffles says:

    Superhero for Choice

    This jaw-droppingly bad cartoon video’s message to youngsters of color is that white people are evil Christians and Planned Parenthood is their hero. The promotional is so awful that Planned Parenthood San Francisco removed it from their site, …

  13. says:

    Bombs away, dream babies

    Lan Lamphere, whose Overnight AM radio show used to be carried here on KOKC, questions the official story about the explosion on the OU campus yesterday: What I find amazing…

  14. Prostitutes More Important Than Troops?

    Make sure to read someone’s comment where they refer to our military as facist.
    WILMINGTON, Del. (WBOC/AP)- Civil liberty advocates are objecting to New Castle County’s new effort to fight prostitution: posting offenders’ names and …

  15. Cuba After Castro

    Via the AP: U.S. Sees Democracy for Post-Castro Cuba
    It is official U.S. policy to “undermine” Cuba’s planned succession from Castro to his brother Raul, 74. Just how that process would unfold is not clear.
    I think that our best st…

  16. Sortapundit says:

    Lend Me Your Ears and I’ll Sing You a Song…

    Got back from York a few hours ago, much emptier of pocket but two gallons fuller of beer. So it goes. Every time we go for a night in York it comes as a relief to find that my body, quickly abandoning that heady condition known as ‘youth’, can still

  17. Is that a scam I smell?

    Some awkward going-ons w/ a supposed Red Cross donation site…

  18. B Relevant says:

    Insult to Injury

    ell The Washington Post finally ran Prison Fellowship President Mark Earley’s letter-to-the-editor that addresses the gross and malicious errors in David Greenberg’s review of Jonathan Aiken’s biography of Charles Colson.

    But they just couldn’t…

  19. 10/02/2005 Miscellaneous

    Blogging might be light Monday. Tomorrow night, I’m doing what might be called my civic duty….sitting in on the annual meeting of the homeowner’s association in the neighborhood I live. Mine at least lets you put up flags and flagpoles.

  20. SoCalPundit says:

    Another Thing Democrats Have In Common With Terrorists

    Democrats react to election results that do not bolster them in one of two ways: Either the election was fixed or indeed the impression they “lost” is just one point of view.
    The Hamas militant group accused the Palestinian Election Commi…

  21. Florida Shoots First

    Aggressive-Voice Daily has an article regarding a new effort by The Brady Campaign in response to Florida’s new law loosening the requirements for shooting criminals. In particular, you are allowed to “stand your ground” and use deadly force if you…

  22. So you think you can cut the Budget?

    A week or so back, via The Wide Awakes, I caught a reference to a great site

    The National Budget Sumulation

    This simple simulation should give you a better feel of the trade-offs which policy makers need to make in creating federal budgets and …