Beltway Traffic Jam

I wrote this Thursday and pre-posted it just in case I didn’t get back down to the Internet stations.

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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Do these jeans cost enough to make me look trendy?

  2. U.S. Declares War on Smurfs, Hundreds Dead in “Shock and Awe” Style Carpet-Bombing Campaign

    Most Americans still view the Smurfs as the same cute, harmless little creatures from the television show that ended more than 15 years ago. Nothing could be further from the truth….

  3. Bird Flu: Lessons and Warnings from the 1918 Pandemic

    Earlier this month, an astounding scientific accomplishment was reported: The 1918 Spanish flu virus was reconstructed in the laboratory. The story behind this feat is a fascinating one, …but at what potential cost?

  4. NC Furniture Company Sending in Katrina Relief

    Claremont, North Carolina (Conservative Thinking) — Hurricane Katrina has left many in Mississippi without homes and with ruined lives. People?s worldly possessions consist of what was on their backs during the storm, what little they?ve recovered fro…

  5. Back to the oncologist

    I went back to Dr. Rothschild today. The news was good but a bit was a little weird.

  6. Sortapundit says:

    Zawahiri Handwriting Analysis

    ***EXCLUSIVE – MUST CREDIT SORTAPUNDIT*** A lot of people have been talking about the Zawahiri-Zarqawi letter recently, and they’ve covered almost every aspect you could think of. What they haven’t done, though, is take a look at what Zawahiri’s han…

  7. Ideas Have Consequences

    We have been hearing this a lot from conservatives opposed to Harriet Miers.

  8. Utility Payment Assistance for Military Personnel (Heat for Heroes)

    WGST Radio (640 AM) a local station here in Atlanter has introduced a contest in which any of our local military heroes can be nominated for a prize from WGST and Georgia Natural Gas.from WGST’s site…Just send us the name

  9. Open Post

    Alright….I have been screwing around with my blog programming all morning, and think I’m done. The trackbacks will now show up right in each post. I’m done playing with PHP code for now and as long as it’s working…I don’t care how it…

  10. Don Surber says:

    Appoint Schiavo

    The intemperant tone of Peggy Noonan’s latest anti-Miers missive included a call for her “withdrawal/removal/disappearance.” Maybe the Gottis can take care of it. It reminded me of an earlier Noonan column under the sub headline: “If Terri Schiavo …

  11. More Top 9 Suggested Ann Coulter Book Titles

    As has been mentioned here in the past, we at The Nose On Your Face have a strong working relationship* bordering on true friendship** with conservative icon Ann Coulter. As many of you surely know, she is a very busy

  12. Choose Life says:

    Medicaid Investigates Claim of Euthanasia

    Investigators with the Medicaid fraud control unit are looking into whether facilities bungled evacuations of patients, abandoned them as conditions deteriorated or carried out euthanasia while waiting on rescue workers.

  13. A Question About Unions

    I have a hypothesis, but I am looking for input.

    Question of the Day:

    Have organized labor unions, like the UAW, or Steelworkers Union, ever had a positive impact on either the companies for which they work or an overall positive impact on capita…

  14. Crime is Crime

    Back in July a local paper had this story with the headline Arsonist Targets Gay Men.
    Hearing the word “faggot” is common for Paul Day and his partner, Christopher Robertson.
    Disgruntled neighbors have threatened their lives and spewed epithets…

  15. Weekend Link Whorage Open Trackback Post Covered Fest Carnival Dish 3

    I’m feeling like crap this morning, so the Weekend Link Whorage Open Trackback Post Covered Fest Carnival Dish is up early. Send your links!

    [This WLWOTPCFCD post will be updated with other open trackback post links as they become available.]

  16. The Nimby’s In My Backyard

    Today’s Washington Post brings this story about the latest version of Nimby-ism to hit Northern Virginia

  17. Just to Refresh

    Cliff May at The Corner:Iraqi insurgents have cut power and water to Baghdad. … Ali Velshi. He says: ?Under the

  18. Skulz.Taylor.Secret.Links

    What happened to Taylor Behl shouldn’t happen to anyone. But you need to KNOW the enemies and evils of life, so that you can deal with them. Remember, the world is abundantly filled with wolves dressing and acting like sheep!


    Here are the sites with Open Trackbacks for this weekend (it will update often, so keep checking back)

  20. Trackback Weekend

    It is time for another trackback weekend.
    If you have an article you want to trackback to this site please do so.
    You may send as many trackbacks as you wish, all I ask for is a link.
    I will update this with others who are having a trackback par…

  21. Shades Of 1985

    The St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals were locked in a tense I-70 battle for midwest bragging rights, with the Cardinals leading the 1985 World Series three games to two. The Cardinals were guarding a 1-0 lead in

  22. SoCalPundit says:

    Situation: Workable, Ahead of Referendum

    SoCalPundit?s Election Coverage: Iraqi Constitutional Referendum
    Situation: Workable, Ahead of Referendum
    By Kevin D. Korenthal ?
    9 months after nearly 70% of Iraq?s eligible voters dipped their fingers in purple ink to symboli…

  23. College GameDay Trackbackasbord

    Open trackbacks with a twist. You must link to this…

  24. Cafe Oregano says:

    Weekend Buffet

    It is once again time for the Weekend Buffet. Your chef has surfed the blogosphere to bring you these delicious entrees. basil interviews Jay from Stop the ACLU Spelled Melk is culturally aware. Wizbang hates to pay late fees. Public…

  25. GM's Corner says:

    A Pox On All Their Houses!

    I have been a conservative for the most part of my 59 years on this earth. I would like to think also that I am a person of principle and that I vote for the man rather than the party. In fact, I usually shock both my Republican and Democrat friends wh…

  26. Saturday Synopsis (5th ed.) & Open Trackback Weeke

    This is the FIFTH edition of the best the blogosphere had to offer in the week that was October 7, – October 15, 2005. Lest I forget, if you have a story from this past week that you feel deserves more attention, let your humble and my readers know a…

  27. Plug Your Site Open Trackbacks

    Its the weekend, lets celebrate with an open trackback post!
    If you have something interesting that you would like to share with us, and our readers, please leave a trackback to that post, and link to this post so others can join in on the linkfes…

  28. Fatah kidnapped US and British journalists

    Proving that they’ll bite the hand that serves them, the PLO’s Fatah movement kidnapped some US and UK reporters recently, including one from Knight-Ridder News. Israel National News has the story

  29. My family voted in Iraq again.

    I spoke to my father last night about 8am his time in Nejaf and he said he was going to go vote at 9am. … I called my father gain around 9am my time. He said he had voted (yes for the constitution) and that the turnout was strong and matters were cal…

  30. Iraqi’s Hand the Terrorists and Their Friends in the Media Another Major Defeat

    Despite the best efforts of the various terrorist groups and their staunch supporters in the media and anti-war movements, the Iraqi’s took yet another step forward in their progress towards becoming a Constitutional Democracy by voting in large numbe…

  31. Iraqis vote – tsk tsk

    I wonder if that is what Mother Sheehan and her supporters are thinking. Remember, not too long ago, Sheehan and her minions were saying we should be out of Iraq. It didn’t take long for her to add Afghanistan and New Orleans to the list. Perha…

  32. And So It Goes…Just As Planned

    There was little violence as almost 70% of Iraqis, entire families even, turn out to vote on their country’s consitution. Dressed in their best, they even voted by candlelight as some of the areas of the city were blacked out.

    “The co…

  33. Jack Yoest says:

    Contest Winners. Ever See a Tank Swim?

    M551 Sheridan Ft. Knox, c. 1978 Me neither. But we tried. You’d think for being such an odd duck the thing could float. But not quite. More in a bit. The contest was to guess the vehicle ID with…

  34. mccannta says:

    Iraqi Vote a Success Regardless of Outcome

    Whether the Iraqis choose to ratify their Constitution or not, the experience of their referendum will be a monumental success in the gestation of the Iraqi democracy. The experience of finally having a voice and power to bring about a government of th…

  35. Break some legs

    Click here and break some legs for me, wouldja? All you have to do is click and I get “broken legs” points. No spam or popups or selling shit. Just click it or I’ll have to crack some kneecaps.
    I have no idea in hell what this is…

  36. SORRY but look a post!

    Dear blog friends
    I am sorry I have not been posting stuff lately but…now I am again so here is a link
    And a bookfair is coming up and I know it will be fun at my school and I lost my other big front tooth.
    And I read mor…

  37. And the Number One Reason You Can Tell The Iraqi Elections Were a Success….

    ….They were virtually ignored by the mainstream press. All weekend, it has been a challenge to find any reporting on the Iraqi elections. Instead, we have been bombarded by reports of the unrest in Toledo. You can bet your ass that if there had been …

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