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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Moral Health

    You know, it strikes me that the kerfuffle over Plan B, the HPV vaccine, and the like are symptomatic of a larger problem than just a certain religious faction who seem to give their children very little credit for common sense and thus would require e…

  2. Small Plane Liveblog

  3. Just Say No to General Zod

    General Zod is running for President in 2008. But let me ask you one thing? Do you want a crackhead running our country?

  4. Choose Life says:

    Thursday Open Trackbacks

    Send me your best stuff!

  5. Eghad! I’ve Been Googled!

    There’s a reason that neither “Yahooing” nor “Alta-Vistaing” quite made it as verbs. But at what cost are we Googling and being Googled?

  6. PBS under fire — Again

    Earlier this week it was reported that the former chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting repeatedly broke federal law and its own regulations in a campaign to combat what he saw as liberal bias.

    The former chairman, Kenneth Y. Tomlinso…

  7. […] Outside the Beltway – a link from I clicked on because they have a “Interstate 495″ picture as a past of their masthead…and Interstate 495 is the beeeeautiful Long Island Expressway (LIE). So I went over to check to see if there’s any Long Island-connection and found a trackback invitation. So here I sit, hunched up back, seeking knowledge, finding trackback. But I did find out that there is NO Long Island connection! postCount(‘424’); | postCountTB(‘424’); […]

  8. […] Outside the Beltway trackback link. postCount(‘422’); | postCountTB(‘422’); […]

  9. Congressman Murtha – Huh?

    Hugh Hewitt has followed on his radio show and his blog the story of Congressman John Murtha’s comments today in congress. See his full comments at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Weblog. Yeah, it’s a liberal website, and they’re so

  10. What’s My Line?

    “And now, let’s all play What’s My Line?”
    “And now, will our first challenger, Mr. X, enter and sign in please.

  11. “Aww! We Were Praying For Cancer!”

    Despite their yearning for cancer, AIDS or tertiary Syphilis, Fidel Castro’s enemies have apparently been thwarted once again. The CIA is reporting that from their assessment, the 79 year-old Cuban leader appears to have the disorder known as Parkinso…

  12. Some golf notes and I met a knucklehead!

    I’ll be attending the ADT Championship today barring rain. Blogging will light accordingly.

  13. Myopic Zeal says:

    A Successful Experiment in Definitions

    Back in March, I decided to try a little experiment. Almost eight months later, it has succeeded…

  14. The Tar Pit says:

    Woodwardgate: cuckolded Downie stands by his man

    Is there a national hotline for battered editor syndrome?

  15. The Tar Pit says:

    Woodward and source: chum for the sharks

    Dorsal fins can be seen above the surface, but the action is below. Woodward’s wounded and his embarrassed editors at the Washington Post are hanging him and his source out as bait:

  16. The Tar Pit says:

    Friday Open Tar Pit #4

    A round up of some current Open TrakBak posts today:

  17. The Tar Pit says:

    Howie Kurtz pimps lefty bloggers’ “passion” for Woodwardgate

    The passion in the blogoshpere is “mainly on the left?” How was that survey conducted? Kurtz’s excerpts are exclusively on the left. Why? Is there no noteworthy passion from blogs and the right? In any case, why is blogger “passion” the determinin…

  18. The Tar Pit says:

    Hillary: If “Saddam does not comply, then we can attack him” with “legitimacy”

    During the prelude to the 2003 invasion of Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein from power and enforce regime change, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton declared on the Senate floor that if Saddam Hussein didn’t fully comply with weapons inspections, then we cou…

  19. The Tar Pit says:

    Hillary: “inherent” U.S. authority for force in Iraq since 1991

    “…if we get a clear requirement for unfettered inspections, I believe the authority to use force to enforce that mandate is inherent in the original 1991 UN resolution, as President Clinton recognized when he launched Operation Desert Fox in 1998.”

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