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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. NY Jets Drive Fans to Violence

    The New York Jets suck.

    Now their suckiness is driving Jet fans to violence.

  2. Pace Airlines Sucks

    Pace, thy name is Death, and Hell follows.

  3. You Can Lead a Horse to Water, But Do You Really Want To?

    The list of what needs to be done is as lengthy as the left’s infiltration of our American education institution has been thorough and well-considered. It will take time to exorcize its evil, but exorcize it we must.

  4. Calling Governor Bush or a Knucklehead followup.

    First people’s lives get disrupted by a hurricane, our politicians promise help but then don’t fufill it as the bureaucrats and them pass the buck. The MSM in this area for this area doesn’t care, and or is too lazy to be bothered. I guess I got a b…

  5. kuddos for the Speaker

    In a brash act of commons sense, Speaker Hastert has seen fit to change the name of that green fur tree out in front of the US Capitol back to the “Capitol Christmas Tree”, from the Capitol “Holiday” Tree as…

  6. Don Surber says:

    The Pepe LePew Poll

    I have commented on this before, but the AP-Ipsos poll is decidedly biased against the president, exaggerating the president’s unpopularity.
    This is not sour grapes, just facts. Ipsos skews Democratic, polling 51% Democrat, 40% Republican in its last…

  7. What Time of Year Is It?

    From an e-mail I received from the American Family Association, further comment unnecessary:
    I thought you would be interested in a survey we did. We gathered advertising inserts from 11 different companies placed in two papers on Nov. 27 (Northeast…

  8. Gotta Find a New Place Where the Blogs Are Hip

    Johnny Huh? has an unusual addiction that seems reasonable to me.

    Sarah in Tampa notes that Windows Vista may ship sooner than expected, and just in time for the new holographic discs.

  9. TNOYF Interview With Jeffrey Dahmer

    On this date in 1994, homosexual cannibal and necrophiliac Jeffrey Dahmer was bludgeoned to death with a broomstick by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver while Dahmer was cleaning the prison bathroom. Dahmer was serving fifteen consecutive life sentence…

  10. Lt. Colonel Scott Rutter to Counter Fleein’ Sheehan

    ONEONTA ? The State University College at Oneonta has booked a Fox News Channel military analyst to counter a lecture tonight by anti-war activist Cindy Fleein’ Sheehan.Good for Rutter! Looks like he will be allowed to have his say despite

  11. Merry Christmas Anyway

    I suspected this day might come someday. I just wasn’t ready for it. Yesterday I received in my work email a survey from Human Resources concerning placing a Christmas tree in the company lobby. The concerns were typical: alienation, discrimaination,

  12. Wenesday Politically Correct Linkfest Party

    Some of the most politically correct words of 2005: Deferred Success rather than Failure- so as not to embarrass those that do not succeed. Misguided Criminals:One of the Phrases used by the BBC instead of the word terrorists Womyn: For women to dista…

  13. Don Surber says:

    99.93% Don’t Care

    When Rupert Murdoch speaks, would-be mediamoguls listen. His recent interview with the Brit journalism rag, Press Gazette contained this gem:

  14. Paying The Bill

    This article discusses the role of personal change in regards to the death penalty. Governors Schwarzenneger of California and Warner of Virginia must decide whether to grant clemency in two current cases.

  15. The Left: Demoralizing The troops

    Dragon Master Gunner provides today’s high blood pressure post.

  16. Remember: Semper Fi

    The only way he could “allay Democrats’ doubts” would be to become a weak, defeatist, irresponsible leader who advocates bringing the troops home before their work in Iraq is done.