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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Is The Two Party System Broken ?

    In today’s Washington Post, David Broder makes an excellent argument for the proposition that America’s two party system is broken, with the public distrusting Democrats as much as they do Republicans.

  2. Fox News Celebrates Christmas

    The boycott of Fox News is off. The good people that have blogged, e-mailed, and called Fox News have motivated them to change the wording on their site from holiday ornament to Christmas ornament and from holiday tree to Christmas…

  3. Run, It’s Climate Change!

    Be prepared to start recoiling like Count Dracula to a crucifix at the mere mention of two words, for they will morph into a fearful evil about to devour the planet: Climate Change.

  4. CT Campaign Finance Bill Unconstitutional In Part

    This is what happend when “Reformers” are not checked by lovers of freedom.

  5. But later indoctrination is less effective!

    As a parent I hate the idea of universal preschool. Even if it’s not strictly mandatory, it’ll be mandatory. That some people don’t raise their kids as well as, or in the manner that, we’d like them to is no justification for allowing the state to …

  6. The Democrats’ Bad Investment

    The Democrats are invested in defeat in Iraq. Their political fortunes are becoming more and more tied to bad news in the war of terror. Each day brings a new barrage of speeches or press releases from Democrats, with the…

  7. Don Surber says:

    No Virginia, There Is No War On Christmas

    At the risk of alienating a few friends, I must sketch the world exactly as it goes in Today’s Column

  8. […] This post and more at the OTB Traffic Jam. posted by: The Editors @ 11:01 am December 1, 2005 […]

  9. Poll shows Israeli voters rejecting future withdra

    An interesting poll was published this week by Smith Research and Consulting, and sponsored by the ZOA.

  10. […] 7. The long-tail blogger is the rarest of successful breeds. This style requires consistent blogging over a long period of time (hence the rarity in a fairly new medium). As we have noted in previous posts, blogging is heavily favored by search engines in the current Internet cultural environment. A classic long-tail blogger such as Dustbury gets a very respectable audience (currently approaching 1,000 unique visits a day) because the site has been commenting on popular culture, steadily and succinctly, for over nine and a half years. A look at Charles’ site stats tells the story: Out of every 1,000 hits, about 70% come to the site’s front page or a current post. The remainder are links that trickle in – one, two, three at a time – for archived posts. Charles rarely enters trackback festivals or Carnivals. (Although he was the very first person to send an entry to the very first Carnival of the Vanities, he now submits an entry about once every other week to Outside the Beltway or Wizbang.) His site gets found because the search engines reward authoritative blog posts – and longevity. Excellent piece. Technosailor falls somewhere between Long-tail, Nicheblogging, and Meme-du-jour. Where do you fall? […]

  11. Government indoctrinating military with religious

    I am outraged. OUTRAGED, do you hear?! I just read in an email that there is going to be a Jewish Rabbi and a Protestant Chaplain on base today giving a seminar on “ethics and morality.” Here, on a military base!!

  12. Voices for Working Families Action Fund

    Remember the We the People voice mail I posted a few months ago? Within the past half an hour, another group called Voices for Working Families Action Fund left another similar message. This one, again, is against Anne Northrup.If anyone

  13. You have to love Florida Democrats

    When their party chairman can’t manage party money, then we have incidents like this. It’s a contact sport down here.

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