Beltway Traffic Jam

The Monday linkfest:

  • Cam Edwards had his first bout with D.C. traffic this morning.
  • Donnie Hall is skeptical of DU’s claim to being a think tank.
  • Laurence Simon speculates as to whether Arafat is next and the implications for the Dead Pool.
  • Steve Verdon takes issue with his least favorite Volohk Conspirator.
  • Black Glenn ain’t too impressed with military recruiting commercials.
  • Zygote is disillusioned to discover Walter Chronkite is a leftist shill.
  • Eric Scheie thinks Kerry’s arrogance will cost him.

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  1. Tiger says:

    Not much going on as of yet, but new stealth blogging efforts are now going on at Read My Lips as Gestapo Puritans have put a stop to any further Raggin’ and Rantin’.