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James Joyner
About James Joyner
James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. More on Harriet Miers

    She is very detail oriented but can’t make up her mind. A Supreme court justice has to make rulings on the law of this land. I feel stronger than ever that President Bush has made a very serious mistake.

  2. GWOT as War for the Free World

    President George W. Bush just gave one of his boldest speeches to date on the importance of not only victory over the terrorist insurgents in Iraq, but the Global War on Terrorism in general.
    Is the GWOT terminology really useful, though? Frank Gaf…

  3. Don Surber says:

    Petulant Right

    The right’s problem is with him, not her

    Harriet Miers is the whipping boy for Bush’s mistakes

  4. Intellectual Gravitas

    Here’s the thing: Let’s say that Miers is a committed conservative, and has a conservative judicial philosophy. Let’s also say that she would vote the “right” way every time on every issue of significance (i.e. upholdin…

  5. HerbEly says:

    ?God told me? – I hope Bush was Misquoted

    Recall that the last time Bush was quoted as saying ?God wants me to be President?, the press got it wrong. Now we have Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas quoting Bush as saying According to Abbas, immediately thereafter Bush said: “God

  6. Everson sworn in.

    As I mentioned yesterday, Melvin Everson was elected to the Georgia State House becoming the second African American Republican member of that body and the first to win a contested campaign since Reconstruction. Below are some articles about the Swea…

  7. Publius vs. Harriet Miers

    In today’s Wall Street Journal, Randy Barnett points out that Bush’s appointment of a close friend and advisor to the Supreme Court is precisely the kind of thing the Founders wanted to prevent.

  8. Debate Space says:

    This is no liberal bias

    Dadmanly and BW revive Debate Space with an initial debate on liberal bias. Canadian BW says there isn’t one, that the bias is towards the sensational, while Dadmanly says there sure is liberla bias!

  9. Dadmanly says:

    A Letter to My Son

    Mrs. Dadmanly shared with me some questions our son has been asking, and they’re the kind of questions a Mom or a Dad sometimes might have trouble with, but we know they are very, very important.

  10. Choose Life says:

    Abortion-Breast Cancer Link Not a Myth

    Planned Parenthood is following the tobacco industry’s playbook by using flawed research on the abortion-cancer link.

  11. The NY Times catches up on Chucky, sorta’

    After ignoring the story for weeks, the NY Times has finally spent some precious ink informing its readers about the lawbreaking misadventures of Chuck Schumer’s staff and their prying into the privacy of potential GOP Senate candidates. From the stor…

  12. Courage in the Cause of Freedom

    Speaking to the National Endowment for Democracy this morning, President Bush gave what may be the finest speach on the global war on terror of his presidency. The transcript can be found on the White House web site here.
    Recently our country observe…

  13. Worldwide doesn’t mean the world owns it

  14. Repeal 22 says:

    No, we’re not kidding.

    It’s time to repeal the 22nd Amendment of the US Constitution.

  15. It’s not overmedicating if you really need the medicine

  16. Harriet Miers: thumbs down (for now)

    I will keep an open mind through the hearings, but for now I am hopeful that the Senate will not confirm her.

    As a moderate, I should probably rejoice that Bush did not nominate a fire-breathing conservative for the position. But I can’t get past o…

  17. Top 9 Fabulous Ramadan Gag Gifts For The Islamofascist In Your Life

    There seems to be a growing dearth of levity on the part of many terrorists these days. Sure there are exceptions like the great Shecky Muhammad, but unfortunately he appears to be a dying breed. So in the helpful, positive

  18. Thursday Tech Roundup

    Microsoft introduced on Thursday a new program called Client Protection that will help to combat viruses, maiware and spyware in the corporate environment, as well as provide stronger protection for current and emerging threats. Microsoft revealed this…

  19. The adventures of Georgie and Harriet (2)

    A new theory of why George chose Harriet subscribes to our theory that Bush is a whole lot smarter than he’s let on. And Dave Pell suggests, as he approaches the end of his Presidency, he’s decided it’s time to give up the act.

  20. American Legion Will Fight the Release Of Abu Ghraib Photos

    I’m listening to O’Reilly and he is talking to Commander Thomas Bock of the American Legion, of which I am proudly a member of. Thomas Bock says that the ACLU does not stand for American values, but the American Legion does. They think t…

  21. A Voice For Military Families

    Two weeks ago outside of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful woman, Becky Davis. photo credit: El Marco Becky and her husband Ray are the proud parents of three sons, all of whom serve in the military. Ray and Re…

  22. A Disaster Multiplied

    As we approach the President’s October goal for moving Hurricane Katrina victims out of shelters, more than 100,000 people are still in cobbled together housing and 400,000 more are in hotel rooms costing up to $100 a night.

    Housing promised by the…

  23. If an Oklahoma Jihadi dies In the forest …

    … and the MSM refuses to talk about it, does that mean it didn’t really happen? (If you haven’t read my earlier post on this, now’s a good time.) Bill Hobbs asked the important question of the week here yesterday,

  24. Jamie and Smash in the Morning

    The Electric Stove is the brainchild of Jamie Allman, from the Jamie and Smash morning show on 97.1 Talk FM. I tune in regularly, and sadly, call in (it’s a problem I have) – and yesterday Jamie’s rant was on

  25. Iowa Voice says:

    DeLay Accuses Earle Of Taking Corporate Funds

    Is this a case of the pot and the kettle? We’ll soon find out:

    Rep. Tom DeLay said District Attorney Ronnie Earle, who is prosecuting him for trying to involve corporate money in Texas politics, has taken such contributions himself.