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James Joyner
About James Joyner
James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Someone’s gotten a bit too chummy with the ‘insurgency’

    I think you’ll agree once you see these photos, taken by AP and Reuters photographer Bilal Hussein.
    Warning – the photos are stomach turning, so if you’ve just had a late breakfast, you might want to wait a while before viewing.
    Hat tip:…

  2. Don Surber says:

    George Clooney Gets A Clue

    In fact, George told the Irish Examiner that he is going to keep his mouth shut about politics because the public resents star power when it comes to politics

  3. Iran’s Nuclear Program Militarized?

    If the intelligence is reliable, it had better give the U.S. more than enough reason to pressure Tehran further on verifiable compliance with international nuclear nonproliferation treaties. With the Islamofascist tide gushing forth form Iran, the tim…

  4. Nick and Jessica are Splitsville

    Yes kids, the rumors are true. Nick Lachay and Jessica Simpson are splitting up. I guess Nick just couldn’t handle the fact that a real man caught Jessica’s eye.

  5. Dealing With Suburban Wildlife: A Tale of Two Suburbs

    Increasing metropolitan expansion has had dramatic effects on wildlife habitats, the animals that count on them for survival, and the new human neighbors.

  6. Texas Native says:

    Setting off bomb now considered “inappropriate”

    An editorial at The Daily Oklahoman has an odd take on the bombing at the OU-Kansas game last weekend

  7. Summay Of Today’s Mier Thoughts

    Because I’ve repeated the same arguments in several different forums today, I thought I’d sum up my frame of mind by reprising my thoughts from my posts here and here.
    If Bush had wanted to avoid a fight with this nomination, as some clai…

  8. Re Paul Hackett’s Ohio Candidacy for the US Senate: A Question

    It’s apparently official:
    “Paul Hackett is running for U.S. Senate,’’ said spokesman David Woodruff, who served as Hackett’s campaign manager in his special election race against Jean Schmidt. Hackett is planning to officiall…

  9. Ronnie Earle: “Jury Shopping” in Tom DeLay Case.

    The saying goes, “You can indict a ham sandwich” but in the case of Ronnie Earle that doesn’t always apply.

  10. bullwinkle says:

    Is the spam filter still snagging my trackbacks? It didn’t work yesterday or today.

  11. The Baron says:

    Perhaps Make It Five!

    Earlier, I posted about four known terrorists with credible ties to Norman, Oklahoma.

    Ihab Ali Nawawi, identified by prosecutors as a member of Egyptian Islamic Jihad and a bin Laden confederate, had received pilot training at the same school in No…

  12. Sortapundit says:

    Porkbusters and Irresponsibility

    The latest flexing of the political muscles of the blogosphere, as I’m sure you’ve by now noticed, is Glenn Reynolds’ and N.Z. Bear’s joint venture Porkbusters. While hundreds – maybe thousands – of bloggers have taken an active interest in cutting…

  13. Dadmanly says:

    Quality Time at the Bar

    My sister-in-law turned 50 last week — Happy Birthday, Sue! — and the whole family took her out to dinner to a very long-established Italian restaurant in the Catskills. This was a place that probably saw it’s share of Borscht Belt comedians, back w…

  14. European Union Opens membership talks with Turkey

    This news like alot of others slipped through yesterday because of the Supreme Court nomination. Turkey a member of Nato has been an associate member since 1963. Full membership is long overdue in my opinion. Free trade is a key element of freedom for …

  15. Oregon is to die for

    As too often occurs, this particular case that is before the Supreme Court is discussed as a matter of how one feels about the issue of physician-assisted suicide generally. But that really is not the central issue in this case. The Oregon law at issue…

  16. Heather Tesch photos

    Those damn referral logs. Apparently the hot Weather Channel babes like Heather Tesch draw a lot of interest. One guy even called it Weather porn.
    From her official bio from the Weather Channel, she is an “on camera meteorologist” and go…

  17. Bush Attempts to Divert Tropical Storm Tammy

    Washington, D.C. – 10/4/05 – 0958 EST As Tropical storm Tammy forms just off of the coast of Florida an embattled President Bush waits at the ready with pen in hand. Following numerous warnings from leaders of the European community

  18. Winning the Wrong Argument

    Some questions for your consideration:

    What is the best movie ever made?
    Which baseball team is the best ever?
    Which world leader has played the most significant role in history?
    Which flavor of ice cream is the best?
    Who is the most beautiful …

  19. Choose Life says:

    Assisted Suicide Case Will Have Nationwide Impact

    Should doctors in Oregon be allowed to use controlled substances to terminate life? Newly installed Chief Justice John Roberts will hear his first major case today, which will determine whether states may opt out of federal laws.

  20. The Miers Nomination

    Thousands of years ago the Chinese general Sun Tzu said that the battle that is won before it begins is something the common man cannot comprehend. Each day it appears more and more likely that this is true of Bush?s…

  21. Thoughts on Celebrity Spawn

  22. Josh Cohen says:

    It seems to have snagged mine, too. As per usual.

    Thoughts on Celebrity Spawn

  23. Public Eye says:

    Spy Caught At White House – UPDATED

    White House officials arrested Leandro Aragoncillo, a naturalized citizen from the Philippines who worked for Vice Presidents Cheney and Gore. Aragoncillo is shown here being relieved from duty by another Marine. WASHINGTON (ABC News) – In the largest …

  24. More Info on “We the People”

    The We the People organization, mentioned before, seems to be coming more out of the shadows. Eric Pfeiffer has dug up some more information: Geoff Davis Responds to We the People We the People List Grows Is Soros Behind We

  25. Some People Who Helped Us Dodge A Bullet Last Fall Need Our Help Now

    I received the following email last night from fellow Viet Nam vet William Page, whom I came to know last fall due to our shared horror at the thought of President John Kerry. I knew it was important as soon

  26. Canada’s National Post provides more info on…

    Nidra Poller, who wrote the article in Commentary magazine last month exposing France 2’s lies about an Arab youngster supposedly being killed by Israeli troops during 2000, writes another article in the National Post that provides more