There appears no end to the appetite for gimmicks to attract visitors to weblogs. So, on a semi-daily basis, usually around the evening rush hour, I will have a post for bloggers to link to as a means of generating traffic for their site. After all, Beltway traffic is nationally famous, so why not cash in?

How does it work? Simply

  • pick your best post of the day from your blog
  • link to the designated Beltway Traffic post, and
  • send a TrackBack

For those with a Movable Type blog, that should happen automatically. For others, simply use the TrackBack pinger created by Kevin Aylward, the link to which can be found under BLOG RESOURCES on the left sidebar.

Thanks to the inline TrackBack, the name of your blog and a link to your post will appear right on the main page of OTB under the signature block of the TRAFFIC JAM post.

Free traffic:

  • Marstonalia is one year old. Congrats!
  • Meryl Yourish’s mind isn’t quite working today.
  • Frank J tells you all you need to know about protestors–some of it even true.
  • Sean Hackbarth thinks I’m an Influential after all, since over a dozen people log in daily.
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  1. McGehee says:

    (Comment to make the individual post page rebuild, so all the trackbacks will show. Don’t mind me.)

  2. Romulus says:

    Great idea James.

  3. Jack says:


  4. Sandra says:

    Yeah, me too.

  5. hln says:

    I guess sending you pictures for links is getting trite. But I’ll do it one last time anyway. There’s one of me with Virginia Postrel from Thursday. (We went to see her speak, and she was kind enough to let Brian photograph her).


  6. Rational Voting Dilemma
    Deidre McCloskey, in her rather profound pamphlet The Secret Sins of Economics, poses a challenge to Rational Choice theory of voting quite economically:Is it rational to expect people to be rational in the voting booth when they have already shown…

  7. PoliBlog says:

    Happy Birthday to Marstonalia
    Bret Marston’ blog, Marstonalia is a year old today. Congrats! Hat tip: OTB….

  8. Wizbang says:

    But Which Bridge To Take? Wilson Or American Legion…
    James Joyner is bringing a fresh dose of DC area reality to blogs – the nightly Beltway Traffic Jam. Tip: Avoid the outer loop from Bethesda towards Tyson; the inner loop from the American Legion Bridge to Sliver Springs; the…

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  10. Country Insurance Backs Down
    Country Insurance is sending out form letter responses to complaints about their previous policy terminating deployed reservists. These responses indicate that they will no longer send out termination notices to reservists deployed over nine months. Th…

  11. Beltway Traffic Jam
    James Joyner has a new feature called the Beltway Traffic Jam. Link via Wizbang….

  12. George Soros is afraid of Americans
    Billionaire financier George Soros has authored an attack on President Bush’s foreign policy in December’s Atlantic Monthly, and I was struck by how just how detached Mr. Soros is from the ideas he criticizes. I’m not going to take apart…

  13. Everybody lied about the Saudi bombing
    Muslim against Muslim? No…
    Extremist Islamicist against Moderate Muslim? No…

  14. Command (Economy) in Chief
    Virginia Postrel comments on a WaPo interview with Howard Dean that gives her the impression that Dean is “the thinking man’s Cruz Bustamante” (which may…

  15. blogoSFERICS says:

    Aw, Jeez
    I just can’t help but feel sorry for this freak guy, now that I’ve seen the mug shot. Does it…

  16. Other places to go…
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  18. Walking, part deux
    Breyer’s French Vanilla ice cream. Yum! Ok, we left off at Rachel’s where I stopped for ice cream. Rachel treats us to a virtual snow globe. She linkes to Lisa. There is another quiz to be found at Lisa’s. She links to The Spinning Coaster. It appears …

  19. The Letter Of The Day Is M
    M is for manufacturing figures to make us all smile. M is for marriage amendments that’ll wipe that smile off right fast. M is for memes: a new one born every minute. M is for Meryl, who is not safe in malls. M is for money management? M is for a memo …

  20. Walloworld says:

    More on Money Laundering

    I always hate to be wrong. And I also hate feeling like I might be wrong. So after I wrote last week that I didn’t see how Rush Limbaugh could be guilty of money laundering, I was a tad bit nervous that I’d stepped out onto the limb and wa…

  21. Steely Eyes says:

    Beltway Traffic Jam
    James Joyner has a new feature on his site called Beltway Traffic Jam. It looks like a nifty way to help bloggers generate traffic to their sites.

  22. PoliBlog says:

    Today’s List: Annoying Conservatives
    A couple of week’s back I posted a list of funny movie lines (at least lines funny to me) and had thought of a couple of other lists to posts (mostly pop culture stuff) and then this weekend I came…

  23. Morning Bang
    Stealing an idea from Outside the Beltway, I am going to turn the Morning Bang into a link fest, with one added caveat though; a trivia question. Wizbang points users to a story about Britney Spears and lesbian love; I

  24. t kidding when she says that she expects nations to amend their constitutions as a part of complying with this convention. That’s just the beginning of the idiocy that is CEDAW. I suggest you click the link above and read the rest. Linked to by Outside the Beltway. AmerPunditCopyright2007

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