Beltway Traffic Jam(aica)

All’s still going well on the honeymoon. We went snorkeling this morning and have a catamaran cruise this afternoon. After a couple of cloudy days, the skies are quite fair and it’s quite hot. All good, though.

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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Illegal Aliens as an Election Issue

    There’s a conflict between Arlington County, VA and GOP gov candidate Jerry W. Kilgore. Mr. Kilgore made a campaign promise that, if he is elected, he would send state troopers into the county in order to enforce immigration law.

  2. Toronto Bans Segways

    Lawyers for the City of Toronto have said “NO” to operating Segways on city streets and sidewalks.

  3. George Soros vs. Tom DeLay?

    Is George Soros in the midst of those who are coordinating attacks on Tom DeLay? Frontpage Magazine has an extensive and well soursed article that seems suggests that he is.THREE SEPARATE FORCES are attacking Congressman Tom DeLay. Outwardly, these for…

  4. 100,000 back bill to curb ACLU

    Hat tip NIF for pointing me to WND
    O.K. Folks, we’ve got 18,000 signatures on our petition to stop taxpayer funding of the ACLU in support of Hostettler’s Freedom of Expression Bill. Looks like a larger organization has beaten us to the …

  5. Migrained!

  6. Point Five says:

    How To Spot North Korean Counterfeit US Currency

    The Bush administration has officially charged the North Korean government of counterfeiting US currency to help prop up its brutal regime.

    Worse, because the bills are being printed by a national government, they can be devilishly hard to detect….

  7. And it was found in the original tupperware

    Some news from China.

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  9. The Republican Party – self destructing?

    Over the past 6-8 weeks we have watched the Republican Party slowly divide. Consdier these events:

    Views the Administration failed the country on Katrina and Rita,


    Allegations against Tom DeLay and Bill Frist


    The les…

  10. Rove: Plame it on the Rain

    In case you don’t have The Weather Channel or access to the internet, here’s your weather forecast for today (10/13/05). As you can see, if you live in a “Blue State”, odds are Karl Rove has it raining on you right now. That’s right, Karl Rove.

  11. Is 2006 the Democrats 1994 Revolution?

    Not without a coherent Democratic strategy it’s not.

  12. JACK ARMY says:

    Excited to vote

    I watched the President talk to members of the 42nd Infantry Division via video-teleconference (on Fox News Channel) and was struck by this thought: it must be pretty damned exciting to vote on your country’s constitution. I mean, I didn’t get to vot…

  13. Don Surber says:

    Good News From Iraq, See Page A13

    The Director of National Intelligence released what he said was a letter from al-Zawahiri to al-Zarqawi. Like most news organizations, the Washington Post glossed over it and relegated it to Page A-13 but it is encouraging because it shows the U.S. is …

  14. UNICEF does Gargamel’s dirty work for him

    Well it looks like UNICEF’s been doing the Smurfs’ incompetent archnemesis Gargamel a favor: they bombed the Smurf village, presumably by using time-warp devices to send rockets back in time to the 18th century, which is approximately the time period…

  15. Cry Me A River

  16. Al Qaeda Wiretap Strikes Gold, Bin Laden In U.S.

    Late last week, a very telling letter sent from Ayman al Zawahiri to Abu Musab al Zaqawi was intercepted by coalition forces. In effect, the letter is a blueprint for Al Qaeda’s strategy for victory both in Iraq and worldwide

  17. Choose Life says:

    Breast Cancer Cases Increase in China

    Breast cancer kills nearly 40 percent more Chinese women than it did a decade ago and the disease is now targeting a younger age group, state media reported.

  18. Stuffed Pork

    This is not an entry in a recipe contest. In fact you may not want to read it immediately after a meal. No, the stuffed pork I’m refering to here is Senator Mary Landrieu’s shopping list for Katrina relief money. Veronique de Rugy, a researcher at t…

  19. Maybe I Do Want To Live Like A Refugee!

    Still not good enough for the good people of New Orleans. We need to spend 11 million dollars a night putting them up in the finest hotels available. We’re not talking Motel 6 here, that would be an insult. We need to put them in Hilton and Marriot H…

  20. Cao's Blog says:

    Friday open trackback party

    Thank God I’m FREE!

    C’mon and trackback! Put up a post that you think deserves some special attention from this past week.

    Watch for Open Trackbacks here on Fridays, Sundays and Wednesdays.
    Here is the trackback link to this…

  21. Jack Yoest says:

    Planning The Perfect Event: Jennifer O’Neill

    The Diva & Jennifer O’Neill Your Business Blogger recently attended the annual fund raiser for the Baltimore Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC). The event was flawless (or made to appear so, which is even more impressive). When planning your next…

  22. Snippets and Snipes

    Headlines of today…Sex and the Court…Marching to Nowhere…Candles smell great. Burning houses don’t…Bush’s Conversation With US Soldiers Was Rehearsed…Mexico, US plan to fight border violence…Marijuana Compound Spurs Brain Cell Growth

  23. T. Longren says:

    Blogpulse: Crawling Again

    I noticed last month that my Blogpulse Profile page was no longer staying up to date. According to them, my last post was on August 25th. I sent an e-mail asking if something was up on their end or if there was some problem on my end.
    I finally got…

  24. welcome

    why can’t I send a blank post excerpt?

  25. Hypocritical Controversies

    It is sometimes unfathomable what is construed as a controversy in the MSM (“Mainstream Media”), particularly when such poisonous darts are lobbed at President Bush. It seems as though with each passing controversy, there is an attempt to out-do the …

  26. Open Trackback Weekend!

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