BlogAds Domain Error

Henry Copeland explains why BlogAds have been nonresponsive the last day or so:

We screwed up our domain name registry entry yesterday afternoon, which means we made our servers’ addresses invisible to much of the Internet. A stupid human error which should not have occured. I went home last night thinking everything would be ok in 30 minutes, and didn’t blog about the problem because I was unable to access the blog server myself. The error propagated very quickly, but the correction has taken longer to spread. (As my colleague noted, bad news travels faster than good news.)

Oops. BlogAds are back running on OTB.

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James Joyner
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  1. Chris Short says:

    I never noticed a problem. I’m pretty sure I know what they did though and it is a true pain.

  2. I just stripped the code off my site for the moment, as the problems seems to be persisting. Further, the graphics weren’t all showing, and one of the ads was wrong (instead of the Salvation Army ad, it was the one for the Congressional Handbook).
    Most odd.

  3. Jim Henley says:

    I think the Salvation Army and Congressional Handbook ads are the same people. They turned over the space to the SA after the hurricane, but probably took it back in the last day or so.