I mentioned this service a while back, but now Amish Tech Support, Silflay Hraka, and Bill Quick are getting in on the action finding their “blog match.”

I get rather odd results. . .

I’m my own match! If I put in, I get; if I put in, I get Go figure.

After that, On the Third Hand, Quidnunc, Daily Pundit, Blogs of War, Silflay Hraka, No Watermelons, VodkaPundit, Hootinan, and Inoperable Terran come up. I’m too lazy to link all the URLs, but all but No Watermelons are on my blogroll and/or reciproll. I’ll have to check those Watermelons out. Although, if it’s an anti-watermelons site, there may be issues, since I’m pro watermelons.

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  1. Jay Solo says:

    I mentioned this before anyone else I read, so it’s funny to see it popping up again. I checked me again and found, in addition to the same thing, Gut Rumbles and Instapundit are my biggies. You’re in the top 10 if I recall correctly (out of more than 1000). There are a number of them in my top matches that I don’t read or link, and may or may not have heard of. I guess that’s the point; discovery.