Busting His Ass to Save Yours

Will Collier passes on word that Operation Iraqi Freedom soldiers now have their own patch

South Park patch for Operation Iraqi Freedom with Busting My Ass to Save Yours label

to answer this one:

A patch featuring Kyle from South Park is showing up on helmet bags and off duty clothing in Afghanistan. It contains a drawing of South Park's Kyle with the inscription You Sent Me to Afghanistan You Bastards

Gotta love military humor.

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James Joyner
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  1. Just Click Already
    This is terrific. As is its predecessor, which is even funnier….

  2. Notice the only one smiling……

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  4. Major Mike says:

    The smiling one is probably the Marine…anything is better than 29 Palms…MM

  5. Busting My Ass
    Operation Iraqi Freedom meets South Park….

  6. Vercingtorix says:

    The smiling one is probably the Marine…anything is better than 29 Palms

    LOL, I’d take a weekend in hell versus 6 months in 29 Stumps…more action

  7. Busting My Ass
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  8. i think that you guys that make this kinda stuff should send them to families that have family member(s) over seas and give them just a little humor so they dont greive that much. we all know that those dudes that cause all this terroristical crap are assholes and bastards so we should spread the word! my dad was in iraq cause he is in the army and still is but stationed in texas and he wishes that he could have found one of those dipshits and killed them. yeah i thought it was funny too. well thats what i think you guys should do because that shit is hillarios and not everyone gets to see how funny this stuff is. but that would make alot of americans laugh and if i got one i would send it to george bush and i know that he would laugh and i would too even if i was sent to prison for it. anyway, that shit is great and i hope you guys take my idea into mind.
    katie marshman