Caption Contest Winners

The Un-Cola Nut Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

With an extended Honorable Mention Section again. Many great captions for this contest.

(AFP/Alexander Joe)

The Winners

First: spacemonkey“Weekend at Ray Charles'”

Second: DL – Hide the women! Here comes the UN again!

Third: dougrc – Terrell Owens has begun to resort to props again to get attention in Philadelphia!

Honorable Mention:

DL РKumbabi is hopping mad because he can̢۪t find his shell-phone!

The ManPresident Bush unveils his next pick for the high court.

Graceie – President Bush Apparently Drinking Again

Lorg Skyegon – Looks like Marion Barry is up for re-election again.

DL – The newly appointed White House press person will only answer questions about Miers in the Gobuli tongue!

yetanotherjohn – Dr. Mgumba Mgowae, an official government economist, expressed outrage when asked if Mugabe’s rule was turning Zimbabwe into a primitive economy. Dr. Mgowae noted that Zimbabwe’s future was so bright, he had to wear shades.

wheelz – Former Senator Carol Mosley-Braun D-IL was furious when she was refered to as Turkey Leg Tits.

McGeheeO.J. realizes “the real killer” has been his caddy all along. (Which means he’s always been ‘looking’ in the right spot.)


Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

The Fighting illini Shaman try out another new (soon to be banned) mascot

No we said Nagin was in deep doo doo not voo doo.

Randy Moss seems to be adapting well to the Raiders.

The Thursday contest has already been started.

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