Caption Contest Winners

The Let Me Feel Your Pain Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

(UPDATE: Also the new Caption Hollywood is open for business.)

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First: radio free fred – “Ya Know Folks I Made A Few Mistakes During My Time In Office, But Al Gore Never Shot Anybody.”

Second:Maggie – America’s first black President couldn’t contain his excitement when he learned that “Monica” in Swahili means “bring me a cigar.”

Third: Randall – “He said it was thiiiiis big.”
“He lied. It’s actually about this big.”

Honorable Mention:

Sgt FluffyWith the wax statue of the fertility god in place, the ritual mating dance of the Clintoro tribe began.

radio free fred – Yes George I Do Have An Exit Strategy>>>>Exit Stage Right…

McCain – While Randy thought it was not exactly his best performance in the competition so far, and Paula thought it was utterly dreamy, Simon agreed with the rest of us that the pathetic little creep should get the hell off the stage.

DAveD – The opening of the exhibit honoring “America’s First Black President” at Madam Tussaud’s was full of fanfare. It was kid-friendly too as some of the important parts of the Clinton Presidency were tastefully obscured from direct view.


Hermoine – The Memorial Service for Chef from South Park was spirited. President Clinton said, “Chef was one smooth-talking dude. A kindred spirit, he was an expert on getting it on with the ladies.”

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

Bill was so excited about the honorary tribal induction that Hillary felt it wasn’t necessary to inform him of the ritual circumcision portion at the end of the ceremony.

“Hey any of you wanna do Ports security?”

The The Thursday contest is already running with the bulls

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