The Last Day of the Faux Republican Primary

Two candidates enter. One candidate leaves.

DeSantis Out

The race to be the top loser in the GOP primary process just lost a competitor.

The Impulse to Want a Strong Man

And the intuition that things aren’t really working.

Trump Confuses Haley With Pelosi

The man is not well.

Nikki Haley, Racism In America, And Trump

On racism, Republicans, and names

Texas Defies Biden Border Order

A literal Mexican stand-off.

Fulton County GA Prosecutor Fani Willis Fulton County GA Prosecutor Fani Willis

More On The Potential Disqualification Of Fani Willis

More on the potential conflict of interest in Georgia

Fulton County RICO Case Against Trump Facing Major Procedural Challenges

Fulton County Prosecutor’s alleged relationship with special prosecutor could derail the trial

Trump Dominates Iowa, Ramaswamy Drops Out

No big surprises from the dumbest recurring contest in American politics.

The Absurdity of Iowa

Cold hard facts.

Biden and Trump Are Apparently Old

Stop me if you’ve heard this one . . .

Porn, Public Employees, and the First Amendment

I know a fireable offense when I see it.

Chris Christie Ends Campaign

The anti-Trump attack dog is out of the race.

Birtherism 3.0

The target this time: Nikki Haley.

Trump Attorney: If Not Impeached And Convicted, President Has Power To Assasinate Political Rivals

This is the logical result of Trump’s legal arguments & that should give everyone pause

Podcast Recommendation Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Hearing On Presidential Immunity In DC

The Lawfare podcast offers a great primer on the eve of oral arguments

Speaking of Impeachment Threats

There’s one in Maine.

An Example of Motivated Reasoning

Why we are where we are.

“Just Joking”

Some things shouldn’t be joked about (and they often aren’t jokes anyway).

Biden: “Is Democracy Still America’s Sacred Cause?”

Making 2024 about 2021 and 1777.

[Sarasota The Daily Sun front page from 1/5/24 with two headlines: - Proposal would lower gun-buying age and -17 year old opens fire on an Iowa School [Sarasota The Daily Sun front page from 1/5/24 with two headlines: - Proposal would lower gun-buying age and -17 year old opens fire on an Iowa School

Headline juxtaposition of the day

Really not much to add on this one

Trump and the Constitution

When checks and balances aren’t enough.

Piling on George Will

A bad column is worse than expected.

George Will’s Obtuseness

Normalizing Trump via poor analysis.

Biden, Harris, and Tha God

A powerful voice in Black media is a thorn in the administration’s side.

Foreign Policy Tops American Priorities!

A misleading survey result.

Headline Reaction

Ice, ice, what?

Early 2024 Polling

Election year is upon us, but the polling is still a bit fuzzy.

Global Inflation

A chart to ponder.

The Maine Ruling

A compelling document.

Jefferson Davis and Section 3

Some historical context.

The 14th Amendment, Section 3

Trump betrayed his oath. That should disqualify him from office. That’s the whole point of section 3 of the 14th.

Nikki Haley’s Unforced Error

A poor answer to a softball question has created unnecessary controversy.

Donald Trump Removed From Maine Ballot

Another state has declared him an insurrectionist.

Boebert’s District Switch

Lines on the map for the win.

Haley and the Politics of Slavery [Updated with Video]

Why can’t some of us handle the truth?

Where The Gays Are

A breakdown of new survey data.

Former Congressman and Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Former Congressman and Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows

The Implications of 11th Circuit’s Mark Meadows Decision

The denial of transfer to Federal Court could signal problems for Trump’s Presidential Immunity Claims

Donald Trump and Joe Biden portrait style Donald Trump and Joe Biden portrait style

Trump v. Biden

Economic Chart Edition.

I Don’t Think that Means What he Thinks it Means

Trump on peaceful transfers (and Hitler).

On Handcounts

Ignorance, it turns out, isn’t bliss.

Biden Pardons Federal and DC Marijuana Users

A small but positive step.

Texas Passes New Immigration Law

Billions for a wall plus a likely showdown with the feds.

Today in Absurd Rationalizations

Blood poisoning edition.

Trump’s Outrageous Statements Helpful With Republican Base

Shocking if unsurprising poll results.

Thursday Evening Tabs

Lie down with dogs you get up with fleas edition.

Comparing Trump to Hitler

The coiner of Godwin’s law gives his blessing.

[Voter Fraud Graphic] [Voter Fraud Graphic]

Voter Fraud Again Proves to be Rare

Even when it is focused on.

Headline Reaction

Political things are inherently political part the millionth.

Why Trump Will Almost Certainly Stay On The Colorado Primary Ballot

A few predictions that are going to disappoint just about everyone.