Bob Novak has a rather vitriolic piece entitled, Rumsfeld taking no prisoners in Army power grab. The bizarre thing about this argument, and Novak is hardly alone in making it, is that this is what a SECDEF is supposed to do. The whole point of having an appointed civilian come in for a few years is to check the impulses of the military bureaucracy. If we just wanted to have the generals and admirals run the show, since they obviously know more about the military, then we could eliminate the entire Office of Secretary of Defense. Then, presumably, we’d be making the same sorts of arguments against Presidents who tried to check the impulses of the military.

(Hat tip: RealClear Politics)

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James Joyner
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  1. MommaBear says:

    NO CEO can function with underlings who work to undermine his/her authority; that’s why the CEO is held accountable for the actions of all subordinates.

    Looks like an NSS to MB.