MSNBC – ‘Facing’ the future of transplants

It’s still one of the mythic feats of medicine, transplanting the organs of one human being to another. It seemed the stuff of science fiction when Dr. Christian Barnard performed the very first heart transplant operation 36 years ago last month. Liver, lung and kidneys transplants are now almost routine. But surgeons are once again about to go where medicine has never gone before. They’re preparing for the first transplant of a human face. Technically, the operation could be performed now, but ethically, should it be performed at all?

I suspect the writing staffs of Leno and Letterman are already fast at work. Let’s see, which of the Democratic contenders is going to be first in line for this one?

And, once again, where Hollywood goes, reality can’t be far behind.

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James Joyner
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