Right Wing News has an interview with G. Gordon Liddy.

Liddy is a bright fellow, although he has a lot of unworkable ideas, some of which appear here. For example, closing down our enormous borders to terrorists and illegal immigration. Even if that were desirable, it’s virtually impossible. I discovered here that Liddy was the brains behind the creation of the DEA–and he still thinks the war on drugs would be winnable if we’d just fight it hard enough.

He’s right on this, though:

John Hawkins: Do you think that now because of the internet, bloggers, & talk radio, that it’s going to be more difficult for Dean to move to the center? Because a lot of things that wouldn’t have been mentioned let’s say a decade ago, are now going to be brought back up because people are paying attention on the internet and cataloguing what he says.

G. Gordon Liddy: Well, you and I pay attention to the internet and bloggers, but the great mass of Americans that doesn’t even register to vote doesn’t pay much attention to what’s on the internet. Then when they do, they get sucked into all kinds of bogus things. As you’re probably aware, there’s more misinformation floating around on the internet than anywhere else. So no, I wouldn’t say so.

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